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  • All Guardian/Juggernaut/Sage discipline guides added

  • Working on Sorcerer discipline guides

Please note all 7.0 guides will initially be high level guides and mostly focus on changes, skill tree recommendation, gearing and preliminary advice on the changes to make to rotations as compared to 6.x. Fully detailed guides will be added over time once preliminary guides are done for each discipline.

As of the 7.0 update, players separately select their Origin Story and their Combat Style. The Origin Story determines the story experience for the player while the Combat Style determines the abilities and skills that player will use in combat.

New characters can separately select Origin Story and Combat Style at character creation and later can select a second Combat Style. Existing characters will retain their previous Origin Story and Combat Style and may be able to add a second Combat Style.

There are a few limitations on Combat Style choices:

  • All Combat Style choices are permanent.

  • Combat Styles and Origin Stories are divided into Force Users and Tech Users. Force User origin stories will only have access to similar Combat Styles and the same will be true for Tech Users. For example, Jedi Knights cannot use the Gunslinger Combat Style and Bounty Hunters cannot become Jedi.

  • For Force Users only, selecting a Combat Style from the opposite faction requires an alignment achievement to unlock. Sith Warriors or Sith Inquisitors must unlock Light V to choose any Jedi Combat Styles, while Jedi Knights and Jedi Consulars must unlock Dark V to choose any Sith Combat Styles. Unlocking these achievements on existing characters will allow a second Combat Style to be chosen from the opposite faction and will allow for character creation selecting an initial Combat Style from the opposite faction. Tech Users have no limitations on selecting tech-based Combat Styles.

  • To select a second Combat Style, players must be subscribed to the game and have completed Chapter 3 of the applicable Origin Story.

The 7.0 Gearing Guide is a preliminary attempt to update my 6.0 gearing guide. I have also added links in the guide to several really great resources that go into further detail on a range of gearing topics. This guide will be updated and expanded as we better understand the gearing system in 7.0 but hopefully is a helpful starting point for players.

See this link for a Google Doc listing all the Combat Style based information from the PTS, including skill trees, base abilities, tactical and legendary item options. I am in the process of updating it for the live changes from the PTS. This document will be the base I use for uploading information to the website, so I expect to keep it updated as close to real time as possible once I finish a big update for PTS->Live over the next few days.

Combat Styles

Combat Style links are to 7.0 guides. Discipline links are to 6.x guides except as otherwise noted.

Combat Styles

Combat Style links are to 7.0 guides. Discipline links are to 6.x guides except as otherwise noted.

Tactical/Legendary Info Sheet

These recommendation are preliminary and subject to change.

General Tacticals

Note - This information is tentative pending updates for the 7.0 patch release. The list below is current prior to 7.0. It is anticipated several of these tacticals will not function at level 80 and new ones may be introduced.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Purchasable from the Onderon reputation vendor.

Every third activation of your basic attack restores 10% of your Class Resource.

Comments: Not recommended. Every discipline has energy management skills and rarely needs to use its basic attack more than occasionally. Using a basic attack with this tactical might regenerate a lot of energy but would be a


Purchasable from the Onderon reputation vendor.

Dealing damage increases all healing done. Healing increase all damage done. Stacks up to 5 times, only one effect can be active at a time.

Comments: Not recommended. Biorhythm sounds neat but in practice is not very useful.

Durasteel Wall

Increased drop rate from Onderon or Mek-sha daily missions.

Successfully parrying, deflecting, or dodging an attack while under 80% health increases your damage reduction by 1% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Comments: A decent starter tactical for tanks until they get a tactical relevant to their discipline.

Krall's Accord

Guaranteed reward from completing the 6.0 storyline on a character.

Cycles between buffing Mastery, Accuray, Power, Defense, Critical, Absorb, Alacrity and Shield. In that order.

Comments: Not recommended. A tactical received for completing the 6.0 storyline, the tactical is better than nothing but only just barely since its stat buffs are inconsistent and may not be relevant for all classes.

Luck Always Changes

Increased drop rate from Objective Meridian flashpoint.

Your critical chance with Melee, Ranged, Tech and Force attacks is increased by 1% each second. This effect resets on a successful critical hit.

Comments: Not recommended. This tactical sounds nice but isn't as good as it sounds. Most classes will get critical hits frequently anyway and many have guaranteed critical hits.

Overwhelming Offense

Increased drop rate from Onderon or Mek-sha daily missions.

Dealing damage increases all damage done for 2 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Comments: Overwhelming Offense is a decent choice for DPS until you acquire a tactical relevant to your discipline.

Reliquary of Time

Increased drop rate from Onderon or Mek-sha daily missions.

Reduces the cooldown of on use Relics by 5%.

Comments: Not recommended. The 5% cooldown usage is very minimal and in most fights will not actually provide an extra relic use given its cooldown. Also, many Relics proc their benefits instead of being clicked so the effect is wasted on those anyway.

Rolling Boil

Increased drop rate from Onderon or Mek-sha daily missions.

Increases Mastery by 5% for 5 seconds when a Relic triggers.

Comments: Not recommended. Rolling Boil sounds cool but is not great primarily because the Mastery buff has a short duration and will not trigger often enough for its buff to outweigh other options.

Life Warden

Increased drop rate from conquest crates..

Taking damage below 20% health will rapidly heal you for a large amount. 10-minute cooldown.

Comments: Life Warden is one of a few really good general tacticals, but for tanks in this instance. Life Warden provides a very powerful once-a-fight healing benefit, and is a great choice if you don't have a relevant discipline-specific tank tactical or if a one-time big survivability dcd is more valuable than other options.