Website Updates


9/15/21 - Sorry it's been crazy at work so I am behind on updates. I've posted on Youtube a video class guide, more NiM kill videos, and a Veteran Mode video guide to Red in the Dxun Nature of Progress operation. I'm also working on Veteran Mode Izax video and web guides. Today I posted guides to the 7.0 PTS Sith Assassin and Sith Sorcerer as well.

8/27/21 - Updated 7.0 PTS guide for Jedi Sentinel. Updates buffed the Transcendence ability choice in the skill tree and gave Contemplation to Sentinels as a default passive skill as well as some other updates.

8/26/21 - Updated 7.0 PTS guides for Guardian, Sniper and Operative for further PTS updates. These updates gave Saber Throw back to all Guardians, Enure to Guardian tanks, Orbital Strike to Engineering Sniper, and made various other balancing changes.

8/25/21 - Added guides to the 7.0 PTS for Sniper and Operative. I am also making updates to the Guardian and Sentinel that will be posted soon based on new information, class balance changes and the UI being added to the current PTS build.

8/20/21 - Added links to the Escape Podcast interview with Chris Schmidt on Combat Styles in 7.0. This was a really awesome interview and I recommend it for any SWTOR fans.

8/18/21 - Added the Story Mode guide to Izax in Gods from the Machine. This fight is a whopper with tons of mechanics so it took a while. Veteran Mode hopefully coming next to finish off the Gods/Dxun ops in Story/Veteran, then planning to do the summary guides for Vet/Master for the legacy ops and then to work on detailed guides to those operations as well. I also added NiM kill videos of a few bosses in S&V from different PoVs than the originally posted videos.

8/08/21 - Added the Veteran Mode guide to Scyva in Gods from the Machine.

8/07/21 - I added a bunch of NiM and Vet kill videos to my Youtube channel, a full video guide to Karagga's Palace in Story and Veteran mode. I also added Jedi Sentinel disciplines to the 7.0 Combat Styles Guide, which for the moment are mini-class guides based on 6.0 class balancing.

7/30/21 - I have begun adding Veteran and Master Mode summary guides to the Scum & Villainy operation.

7/29/21 - Added a guide to the Bonus Achievements in the Gods from the Machine operation.

7/28/21 - The Jedi Sentinel is on the PTS. Here is a preliminary 7.0 PTS Jedi Sentinel Guide that lists the changes that have been posted so far and my preliminary reactions.

7/24/21 - I added the Master Mode guide to the Terror From Beyond in the TFB operation.

7/22/21 - I added a Blog page to post my thoughts and feedback on various topics in the game. I am initially focused on posting feedback on the PTS cycles but may broaden it depending on feedback and level of interest. Please send me any requested topics and I'll do my best to accommodate them!

7/20/21 - I realized I am way behind on posting updates!

  • I added a 7.0 Class Guide that summarizes the key characteristics of each base class to help players get a quick summary of what they are getting with each class.

  • I added the Terror From Beyond Veteran Mode summary guide to the Terror last boss fight. Master Mode to finally be posted soon.

  • I posted a video guide to the entire Terror From Beyond operation. I plan to make and post video guides to each boss in Veteran Mode and Master Mode eventually.

  • I have begun work on a 7.0 Combat Styles Guide. At the moment it is designed to be a mini-class guide to each advanced class and discipline and will be updated as more information becomes available about discipline changes in 7.0.

  • I am also still working on a mitigation guide, Izax Veteran mode video guide and Scyva/Izax Veteran mode web guides.

7/09/21 - Added 7.0 PTS Jedi Guardian Guide to summarize the draft changes reflected in the first PTS released today. The information is very preliminary, bugs are present as expected in an initial PTS and the UI interfaces are unavailable so there is significant missing information. Much more to come!

7/07/21 - WE ARE GETTING AN EXPANSION!!! See here for more details. I have been working on organizing content for "What Class Should I Play" guides and posted a 7.0 Class Guide to help introduce players to each base class. Much more content to come. I am still working on operation guides for Terror From Beyond Master Mode and finishing off Gods Veteran Mode web guides, as well as notes for video guides for Veteran Mode Izax and Veteran Mode Dxun. I also recently finished recording a video guide for all bosses in Terror From Beyond Story Mode. Finally, I have been making a range of minor formatting and presentational tweaks to various class guides as I work on other content.

6/26/21 - Made some edit corrections to the Alacrity Guide. Thanks to Nyyah and Sam for the feedback and pointing out the errors! Also beginning to add Veteran Mode guide notes for Scyva encounter in Gods from the Machine operation. Also made a few tweaks to the Defense Guardian / Immortal Juggernaut class guides to add comments for the use of Dashing Blademaster as a situationally useful set bonus.

6/20/21 - Added Master Mode summary guide to Kephess the Undying in the Terror From Beyond operation. Last boss up next!

6/15/21 - Added Veteran Mode summary guide to Kephess the Undying in the Terror From Beyond operation. Master Mode guide notes should be posted next. I am also gathering data and making notes for new comprehensive guides to damage mitigation and class utility, though it will take a while to finish those.

6/05/21 - Revised the Helpful Links page to include links to all the websites, youtube channels, podcasts and Twitch streams that I regularly read, watch or listen to. These cover the majority of SWTOR content creators all in one place so please check them out!

5/31/21 - Updated the Alacrity Guide for testing on Seer Sage / Corruption Sorcerer and Saboteur Gunslinger / Engineering Sniper. Updated all class guides for updated alacrity recommendations. The only pending class is Sawbones Scoundrel / Medicine Operative, which is kind of a pain to test. I'll update that when I can. Next up is a video guide summary for Story Mode Terror From Beyond.

5/29/21 - Updated Defense Guardian and Immortal Juggernaut guides for updated gearing recommendations and adding more commentary on other potential set bonus options. Also added Alacrity recommendations for Seer Sage / Corruption Sorcerer to the Alacrity Guide. I will be working on updating Alacrity gearing recommendations for all class guides over the next week or so.

5/28/21 - Added Alacrity Guide!!! This project has taken over 57,000 ability activations of testing so took a while! There is a little more testing to do for 3 more classes but almost done and then back to some class guide updates and operations guides!

5/19/21 - Added default utility setups for all Imperial class guides!

5/18/21 - Added default utility setups for all Republic class guides!

5/17/21 - Posted more guides to Terror From Beyond. First three bosses in Vet and Master are posted. Kephess will go fast thankfully and then just Terror to go! Believe it or not, I have notes on all of them but there's a lot going on. I am also getting really close on an Alacrity guide to make updates to my gearing recommendations. I am also getting ready to post updates to my class guides with screenshots of my default utility recommendations, as a friendly player suggested that would be really helpful as a quick reference.

4/29/21 - Posted updates to Dirty Fighting Gunslinger and Virulence Sniper for changes to the Ultraviolet Blast tactical in patch 6.3. The short version is that the tactical is much better though probably not optimal in the majority of circumstances. I've also been posting updates to the Terror From Beyond operations guide page adding summary guides for Veteran and Master Mode. I've also been working on the projects below and in particular some theorycrafting on shield/absorb gearing for tanks, and hopefully will have a lot of content to post soon.

4/10/21 - Weekly update on things posted and in progress. I am continuing to upload kill videos to my youtube channel and posted NiM/Master kill videos for EC, these are now linked on the Explosive Conflict operation page. I also prepared and uploaded a video guide to all bosses in EC in Story Mode, which is also linked on the Explosive Conflict operation page. I also prepared a video guide to the Nightmare Pilgrim that will be posted early next week and added to the boss fight guide webpage. I also added the Vet/Master mode summary guide information for the Terror From Beyond operation page.

Other things in motion are the Vet/Master summary guides for the rest of TFB, a Story Mode video guide for all of TFB, and detailed web guides for Ancient Threat and Dreadful Entity to go along with the video guides I have already released. I'm also working on notes for a "Raid Utility" guide to summarize things that each discipline provides to the team (healing, group defensives, debuffs on enemies, raid buffs, etc.), and also a "Defensive Cooldown" guide to summarize all the active/passive mitigation benefits that each discipline gets and how that interacts with the types of damage and attacks in game. Those will take longer to come to fruition, whereas most other items in motion are moreso just translating existing info into a publishable state.

4/02/21 - I'm working on Vet/Master guide information for Terror From Beyond and should begin posting those next week. I also got a lot of great video capture on Nightmare Pilgrim and am working on a video guide to accompany the text guide on the website. In the meantime, I made some updates to the Gearing Guide to re-format to better readability and added a summary table that shows all class set bonus / tactical / amplifier recommendations all on one page.

3/31/21 - All boss fight summary guides for Explosive Conflict posted for Veteran Mode and Master Mode!!! Next up will be Terror From Beyond.

3/28/21 - Began adding Veteran Mode and Master Mode summary boss fight guides for bosses in Explosive Conflict. Look for all boss guides to be posted for EC over the next couple of days! Next up will be Terror From Beyond Veteran and Master!

3/28/21 - Added Veteran Mode summary boss fight guide for Karagga's Palace.

3/27/21 - Sorry for the LONG delay between updates. I mostly do taxes for a living so I am 70+ hours per week busy from January through late March, so I am finally emerging from work hell! I am getting back into the groove of updating the website. Today I am posting a detailed boss fight guide to the Nightmare Pilgrim world boss on Voss. The NiM Pilgrim is a very tough world boss that requires operation-level coordination. I had been wanting to do a guide for it but finally decided to do it after joining Swtorista on stream to run the boss.

I'm planning to push through additional updates to the summary boss fight guides to add Veteran and in some cases Master mode guide notes. I had hoped to delay summary notes and actually get around to fully detailed guides, but RL is not cooperating so I am doing this for now and will go back and do detailed guides when time permits.

I'm also planning to make some formatting updates to make the class guides easier to navigate, as well as I need to make some more updates to a variety of classes where my guides are decent but need improvement.

Also, I'm planning to prioritize detailed guides for the one-off operation boss fights like Ancient Threat (where I already have a video guide), Hive Queen, Colossal Monolith, etc.

2/17/21 - First update in a while, sorry for the delay. My work gets extremely busy from early January through early March, as in 80+ hours per week or more. I have mostly been working in the background on notes to make more video guides, including some quick class guide videos and more operations videos. I added a quick video guide for the "Stair Boss" in the Dxun Nature of Progress operation (not really a boss but a fun little non-combat encounter in the operation) and a detailed video guide for the Ancient Threat secret world boss on Yavin IV. Hopefully more and faster content updates coming soon.

1/02/21 - First update in 2021, thank goodness 2020 is gone!!! Made some significant updates to the Balance Sage and Madness Sorcerer class guides. Added a LOT of commentary around rotations and various advanced strategies, including the thing that drives most Balance/Madness players crazy - trying to design a smooth rotation that doesn't refresh DoTs early. Not sure it's any better than the simple rotation but hopefully is helpful to folks who play the discipline.

12/31/20 - Updated class guides for Assault Specialist Commando and Innovative Ordnance Mercenary. The updates tweaked the formatting and added additional commentary on filler priority, energy management and AoE DPS.

12/30/20 - Major updates posted for Infiltration Shadow, Deception Assassin, Serenity Shadow and Hatred Assassin class guides! The guides tweaked the opener/rotation a bit and added a lot of commentary about the rotation priority, energy management, use of the Death Knell set bonus, etc.

12/29/20 - Major update posted for Watchman Sentinel and Annihilation Marauder class guides! This guide was previously a 5.10 guide rolled over to 6.0 with commentary added for new set bonus and tactical options and high level comments in the 5.10 rotation for how to modify (essentially Cauterize being a fire and forget DoT now). Now it is fully integrated with a lot more commentary and analysis on the rotation including more information on Zen/Centering, defensive cooldowns, etc. The defensive cooldown info in these guides was also copied to the other Sentinel and Marauder discipline class guides. I need to do another review of the language to catch typos, horrible grammar and mistakes on ability names and faction translation but it is substantially done!

Also happy ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY to the website :)

12/22/20 - Made significant updates/revisions to the Sharpshooter Gunslinger and Marksman Sniper class guides. The rotation discussion was mostly copied over from 5.x with comments on top about how to tweak for 6.x. The rotation is better streamlined now and better illustrates how to flex the rotation for cooldowns and execute phase, as well as discussion on multi-DoT strategy if you're feeling fancy. Also added similar cooldown and movement discussion as for Saboteur Gunslinger and Engineering Sniper class guides.

12/21/20 - Made small updates to the Telekinetics Sage and Lightning Sorcerer class guides to add a section on multi-DoT'ing.

12/19/20 - Updates made also to Virulence Sniper class guide. Some of the material in there on offensive and defensive cooldowns and mobility will be leveraged to the other Gunslinger and Sniper disciplines over the next few days.

12/16/20 - Made significant additions to the Dirty Fighting Gunslinger class guide. This guide still have some legacy 5.10 rotation info so cleaned it up to be consistent with the Established Foothold + Exploited Weakness gear/tactical combo in all places, added some advanced rotation discussions and thoughts, and a variety of extra info on other topics. Similar updates coming soon to Virulence Sniper but those will take a little bit given the magnitude of these updates. Some of these topics will also be copied to the other Gunslinger and Sniper class guides in a few days.

12/10/20 - Combat Sentinel guide updates posted and some more edits/updates to Carnage Marauder! These guides are now completely updated except for little edits, typos, etc., that I may have inadvertently missed and will clean up as I find them or people let me know about them. Enjoy!

I also made some UI updates to the home page making the pictures clickable links and replacing the text links with buttons. I'll likely roll out those changes to the rest of the site over the coming days/weeks. I also tested making some navigational updates to the above class guide pages. They now have a notation at the top regarding the last date the guide was substantively edited/updated, have a table of contents with working links, and include "Return to Top" buttons at the end of each section. Most of these links will actually re-open the webpage at the desired place, but that's the best I can do with Google Sites. I hope that's helpful to some given the length of some of these pages!

12/09/20 - Made major updates to the Carnage Marauder class guide. I had previously made just high level comments about leveraging Fanged God Form in the rotation and the guide was a bit incomplete and did not really fit together as well as I would like. Since Carnage is getting a big buff in level 70 content via the 6.2 changes to weapon attack damage scaling, I wanted to provide an updated class guide for folks coming back to the discipline or giving it a try. The latest and greatest rotation is actually very straight-forward and should deal pretty strong damage going forward.

I still need to make a few more tweaks to the page and copy everything over to Combat Sentinel, but it is at least 90% complete as is so posting now and will make more tweaks over the next few days. I hope it is helpful!

11/28/20 - Made some significant additions to the Concentration Sentinel and Fury Marauder class guides. My good buddy Zaro (KhazadSanci in Discord) shared a neat twist on the Concentration/Fury rotation that I really really like. Beyond Zaro I am unsure to whom original credit is owed but thanks to the Mysterious Stranger anyway! I have been rather bored with Sentinel/Marauder in 6.x since Watchman/Annihilation is a bit too simple with Cauterize/Rupture being a fire-and-forget DoT now and Combat/Carnage is a bit too click-happy for me, so I really liked this rotation to let me really settle into Concentration/Fury more than I have done previously. I hope it is helpful to those aspiring Sentinel/Marauder players out there and that you like it as much as I have!

11/27/20 - Added a guide to Scyva in Gods from the Machine. The page currently has a Story Mode guide and links to a kill video and video guide for Story mode. The Veteran Mode details are in the works and should hopefully be posted in a couple of days with some luck.

11/24/20 - Added a Bootcamp page to the website to house miscellaneous video guides on helpful topics for players outside the class guides and operations guides that make up most of the website. Posted a video guide to parsing as the first bootcamp entry for now.

11/21/20 - Video guide added for Hard/Veteran Mode Nahut. Significant updates made to the Ruffian Scoundrel and Lethality Operative class guides. I am getting really close on the Scyva encounter web guide and Hard/Veteran Mode video guide and hope to have both of those posted before Thanksgiving.

11/01/20 - Video guide added for Hard/Veteran Mode Aivela & Esne.

10/26/20 - Made updates to Telekinetics Sage and Lightning Sorcerer class guides. A helpful player emailed me and suggested I take a closer look at Elemental Convection for AoE DPS. I took his advice and played around with the tactical and quite like it for Flashpoints, Uprisings, maybe PvP and a few select PVE operation encounters that require super high AoE DPS. I still mostly recommend Stormwatch but it's a fun option.

10/24/20 - Made some additions/edits to Defense Guardian and Immortal Juggernaut class guides to add some more utility choices and a few others details, and updated Saboteur Gunslinger and Engineering Sniper to update the rotation and add more commentary on filler ability priority.

10/17/20 - Made a few edits and tweaks, most notably corrected the description of the Tactician set bonus armor to match nerfs applied in earlier patches.

10/16/20 - Made a variety of tweaks to correct some typos and errors. Also added gearing guide sections to remaining class guides (and fixed a few typos in the existing ones). Also updated the class guide for Immortal Juggernaut to add some more information to update the guide. Similar updates to Defense Guardian coming soon.

10/8/20 - It's been a while and busy in RL and in NiM prog! In the last few weeks I've been making a variety of tweaks to various class guides. Today I posted a video guide to Hard/Veteran Mode Tyth in Gods from the Machine as well. The plan is to get guides made for all Gods fights in HM over the next couple of weeks and get them posted.

9/05/20 - The Gearing Guide is posted! I will likely make some more tweaks to the guide, such as adding some gearing tips, tricks and additional commentary. That said, it should be a good overview of gearing for interested players.

8/31/20 - Sorry it's really busy at work so not many updates in a little while! I am pushing through a number of them over the weekend. In the background, I am getting my notes and video clips together to assemble video guides for the Gods and Dxun fights in Hard/Veteran Mode.

I am also working on a detailed gearing guide to help support these class guides. It won't be the ultimate in min-max gearing but should be more than adequate for gearing for all content.

Class guide updates:

  • Vigilance Guardian / Vengeance Juggernaut - This was one of the first guides I wrote and early in 6.0 I mostly left the commentary on 6.0 updates in the tactical section and copied the 5.10 rotation discussion with a banner to that effect. The changes weren't huge after all. Anyway, I revised the opener and priority system to reflect the usage of Hemophilic Slash as recommended, the use of Force Clarity / Furious Power and the AoE section to include discussion of Cut to Pieces. I also made a few other minor edits.

  • Defense Guardian / Immortal Juggernaut - Someone pointed out a few notable omissions in my guide that leaves me a tad embarrassed so I made these changes ASAP! I added Force Stasis / Force Choke into the rotation discussion, added a defensive cooldown that was originally missed and made a few other tweaks.

  • Assault Specialist Commando / Innovative Ordnance Mercenary - I have observed from discussions in theorcrafting forums and from observing some parses on Parsely some interesting nuances to the typical rotation. After some testing, I think they make a lot of sense so am adding them to my guide. Credit to the theorycrafters and folks who main AS/IO! The main changes are to include the utility and ability details for your knockback as a free filler that generates extra Supercharge and to add some nuance to the single target rotation for when it makes sense to priority Charged Bolts / Power Shot for the extra Supercharge over other options.

8/10/20 - Added detailed Hard Mode guide for Nahut in the Gods from the Machine operation.

7/29/20 - Added detailed Story Mode guide for Nahut in the Gods from the Machine operation. I am working on the Hard Mode detailed guide and hope to have that posted next.

7/28/20 - Updated class guides for Ruffian Scoundrel and Lethality Operative. Primary changes were to update the opener to utilize the Hot Streak / Tactical Overdrive new ability and model in the slight changes due to the Tactician set bonus, as the previous information was mostly leveraging 5.x. Also fixed a few typos and corrected some lingering Rep/Imp terminology that wasn't cleared up when the guide was uploaded from the mega-Google Doc.

7/23/20 - Made some updates to the Mutant Trandoshan Squad guide, most notably correcting a typo on the train timer in Hard Mode and adding more discussion of alternative boss kill order strategies. My next focus is putting together Hard Mode video guides for Dxun and Gods along with any refresh updates to the Dxun guides for new strategies that have developed later in 6.0.

7/18/20 - I completed an exhaustive video guide to Izax in Story Mode Gods from the Machine. Over an hour, wow! I highly recommend anyone viewing it uses the chapter links to navigate. I also made some updates to the set bonus descriptions for The Gathering Storm as I inadvertently did not fully update the 6-piece description when it was changed back in 6.1.1. I also made some updates to the Balance Sage and Madness Sorcerer pages to correct the opener for the change in The Gathering Storm set bonus and added some comments regarding the AoE rotation when using the Slow Mercy tactical. Thanks to the player who emailed me to point out these oversights - I appreciate it!!!

7/10/20 - Updated opener in Saboteur Gunslinger and Engineering Sniper class guides to provide more detailed openers for players with the Ruthless Interrogation tactical.

7/09/20 - Updated opener in Telekinetic Sage and Lightning Sorcerer class guides.

7/08/20 - Added Aivela & Esne Hard Mode guide.

7/03/20 - Video guide added for Aivela & Esne Story Mode.

7/02/20 - Video guides added for Dxun Mutant Trandoshan Squad, Huntmaster, and Apex Vanguard Story Mode encounters (base guide and a guide specific to running the battery.) Also updated class guides for Focus Guardian and Rage Juggernaut to tweak the rotations for slightly better performance and added some additional ability details. Also added detailed guide for Aivela & Esne and video guide for Tyth in Gods from the Machine.

7/01/20 - Updated Focus Guardian and Rage Juggernaut guides to update the opener and rotations.

6/28/20 - Added video guide for Dxun Control Center encounter.

6/26/20 - Added video guide for Dxun Nature of Progress Holding Pens encounter.

6/24/20 - Made updates for the 6.1.2 patch, which introduced a number of new set bonuses available through the newly released Master Mode Dxun Nature of Progress operation and made significant changes to the Combat Medic Commando and Bodyguard Mercenary discipline set bonus and tactical items. Also made a variety of other minor tweaks/updates.

6/20/20 - Made updates to the Shield Specialist Vanguard and Shield Tech Powertech guides. A good buddy of mine, Zaro, pointed out a few inaccuracies and specifically mentioned the ability to use Ion Storm / Firestorm in the opener prior to its proc to get a second early use for damage and threat generation.

6/19/20 - Added a video guide to the Apex Vanguard page for running the battery. I'm also getting close to finished on the Aivela & Esne detailed ops guide, which should hopefully be posted soon.

6/13/20 - Sorry for the lack of updates in a while. Work has been busy and honestly I intentionally took a little mental break after the hard push to get all the class guides on the website. I have made various minor updates/tweaks over the past month, but primarily have been working to get information and notes together to get guides posted for Gods (text/video) and Nature of Progress (video guides for remaining fights). I have also been getting some material together to maybe post a Space Combat (the PVE on-rails version) guide since that has come back into some popularity with CQ changes. At least for today, a detailed guide to Tyth in Story and Hard Mode was published. I hope the remaining Gods bosses will come in June or at least by the July 4th holiday.

5/13/20 - Added class guides for Plasmatech Vanguard and Pyrotech Powertech. All guides are finally on the website!!! I expect some tweaks/edits will take place over the coming weeks, most notably to add additional commentary on the 6.0 impact of set bonus / tactical items. The balance of efforts on the website will now return to operations guides (text and video). Subject to some consideration as to the best use of time, the next two priorities (unsure as to exact order) will be video guides for Dxun Nature of Progress operations and text/video guides for Gods from the Machine.

5/12/20 - Added class guides for Tactics Vanguard and Advanced Prototype Powertech. Also made some revisions to the class guides for Scrapper Scoundrel and Concealment Operative to update their opener rotation to more properly consider the 6.0 changes from the 5.10 opener that was originally included.

5/10/20 - Added class guides for Shield Specialist Vanguard and Shield Tech Powertech.

5/04/20 - Added class guides for Telekinetics Sage and Lightning Sorcerer.

5/02/20 - Added class guides for Balance Sage and Madness Sorcerer.

4/28/20 - Finished 6.1.1 updates to class guides for Seer Sage and Corruption Sorcerer.

4/23/20 - Updated class guides for Seer Sage and Corruption Sorcerer to add more analysis and recommendations for gearing set bonuses and tacticals net of the 6.1.1 updates. Updates to the rotation are pending some additional testing, parsing and analysis and will be posted soon.

4/21/20 - Updated class guides for Game Update 6.1.1. This update featured a number of minor tweaks for several classes and most notably a significant change to the Seer Sage and Corruption Sorcerer disciplines with respect to the base ability healing and energy costs, passive ability changes and gear changes. The reworks to Seer Sage and Corruption Sorcerer are still in process but all other updates have been made. Updates to class guides not yet posted were made in the Class Guide Compendium linked in the "Helpful Links" page.

4/20/20 - Added class guides for Seer Sage and Corruption Sorcerer (just in time for a major class rebalance in 6.1.1).

4/18/20 - Added class guides for Serenity Shadow and Hatred Assassin.

4/17/20 - Added class guides for Infiltration Shadow and Deception Assassin.

4/15/20 - Happy Tax Day (except not really). Added class guides for Kinetic Combat Shadow and Darkness Assassin.

4/05/20 - Added details and comments for all general use set bonus and tactical items on the Republic and Imperial landing pages. Also added landing pages for Shadow, Assassin, Vanguard and Powertech advanced classes and Trooper and Bounty Hunter base classes, including details and comments for set bonuses and tactical items applicable to those classes.

4/04/20 - Added landing pages for Jedi Consular, Sage, Sith Inquisitor and Sorcerer including listing and comments of base class and advanced class set bonus and tactical items. Shadow/Assassin landing pages soon to come then I anticipate posting the Sage/Sorc then the Shadow/Assassin class guides.

3/30/20 - Added class guides for Sharpshooter Gunslinger and Marksman Sniper.

3/28/20 - Added class guide for Dirty Fighting Gunslinger, Virulence Sniper, Saboteur Gunslinger and Engineering Sniper. Added additional commentary on the set bonus and tactical options in the general class and advanced class pages. Also updated the Tactical / Set Bonus sheet with the additional commentary as well.

3/27/20 - Finally back to class guides! Added class guide for Sawbones Scoundrel healer and Medicine Operative healer. That completes the Scoundrel and Operative class guides.

3/25/20 - Added Summary for Dreadful Entity and Hateful Entity operation encounters.

3/21/20 - Added Story Mode Summary for Colossal Monolith and Hive of the Mountain Queen operation encounters.

3/20/20 - Added Summary for Ancient Threat encounter.

3/19/20 - Added Story Mode Summary for the Xenoanalyst II and Eyeless operation encounters.

3/09/20 - Added Story Mode Summary for the Dread Fortress and Toborro's Courtyard operations.

3/08/20 - Added Story Mode Summary for the Scum & Villainy operation.

3/07/20 - Added Story Mode Summary for the Terror From Beyond operation.

3/06/20 - Added Story Mode Summary for the Explosive Conflict operation.

3/02/20 - Added Story Mode Summary for the Dread Palace and Karagga's Palace operations.

3/01/20 - Added Story Mode Summary for the Gods from the Machine operation.

2/28/20 - No direct changes to the website but I completed 6.0/6.1 updates for the remaining class disciplines. Wahoo!!! Next I will be working to add complete Story Mode summaries to each operation landing page, followed by copying over the class discipline guides to the website and then getting back to detailed operation text and video guides.

2/23/20 - Whoa, big update incoming!!! I added WIP landing pages for ALL Story Mode operations...these still need maps and Story Mode guide summaries but wait for it...I also uploaded Youtube Story Mode kill videos of EVERY STORY MODE OPERATION BOSS!!! Well technically I am missing Colossal Monolith because all my kill videos are clips, so I'm missing that one, but I made up for it by including special/secret bosses like Dreadtooth (5 & 10-stack), Ancient Threat, Dreadful Entity and Hateful Entity!!! These are embedded in the landing page for each operation on the website and are also viewable my Youtube channel at 'Merlyn SWTOR'.

In other news, I also completed the 6.0/6.1 class guide update for Shadow Kinetic Combat / Assassin Darkness tank disciplines on my Google Doc (linked in Helpful Links). I am midway through updates for both Infiltration / Deception and Serenity / Hatred, then just Vanguard / Powertech to go and the Google Doc will be FULLY UPDATED as of 6.1!

My next goal is to complete the 6.0/6.1 class guide updates in the Google Doc, then get Story Mode summaries for each boss on the website, then I will resume uploading the Google Doc class guides onto the website in a similar fashion to those already posted. Then we will finally get back to detailed ops boss guides and video guides as well :)

2/14/20 - Updated the guide to Combat Sentinel and Carnage Marauder to include 6.1 updates that fixed a bug with Fanged God Form and introduced a much easier rotation that should be the optimal DPS rotation for those disciplines. Many thanks to Zaroaster/KhazadZanci for passing along the theorycrafting and Dantiko, Reshari and Luna for the original theorycrafting and initial testing!

I have not added any new class guides on the website (yet) but I have been diligently updating the 6.1 class guides in my Google Doc (see Helpful Links). I added all Gunslinger, Sniper, Sage and Sorcerer disciplines. All I have left on the doc is to complete the 6.0/6.1 updates for Shadow, Assassin, Vanguard and Powertech then that document will be complete. At that point I will resume moving those various guides to the website!

2/12/20 - Updated available class guides for changes in game update 6.1.

2/11/20 - Added Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice operation home pages, including Story Mode summaries for all boss encounters. Detailed boss fight guides and Hard Mode guides (and videos) to come later on after I finish the home pages for all operations and get all class guides posted on the website.

2/05/20 - Added a page to the Nature of Progress section with a guide for all Mastery Achievements.

1/31/20 - Fixed a few typos in HM Dxun, added a summary page for Ravagers with SM summaries (detailed guides pending)

1/27/20 - Added Apex Vanguard HM guide. Just a little more work needed on the battery runner section before posting it, and a video guide is still needed. Sorry for the week delay, just started a new job this past week!

1/20/20 - Added Soa boss fight guide to Eternity Vault operation.

1/16/20 - Made updates to various guides, completed Infernal Council page for Eternity Vault operation (video guide pending).

1/12/19 - Finished Apex Vanguard story mode guide except for video guide.

1/10/19 - Finished Huntmaster guide except for video guide, adding role discussion, tweaking a few existing sections, and adding a lengthy Hard Mode discussion.

1/09/20 - Added Huntmaster guide to Nature of Progress operation. Still working on role-specific strategies and Hard Mode strategy, both to come tomorrow! The video guide will be completed after I finish the non-video guide to Apex Vanguard (at which point I will do video guides for all of Dxun operations)!

1/06/20 - Added missing maps to Nature of Progress page. Added layout graphic to Mutant Trandoshan Squad page.

1/05/20 - Added Hard Mode strategy comments for Mutant Trandoshan Squad. Also fixed several typos and copy/paste errors in the mechanics section of the same encounter.

1/03/20 - Added Story Mode Summary of Mutant Trandoshan Squad to Nature of Progress main page. Also realized I am missing some maps on Nature of Progress (i.e., the maps leading through the gas-filled laboratory and leading up to the tram station where you fight the Trandoshans).

1/02/20 - Happy New Year! Added the (incomplete) Mutant Trandoshan Squad guide. Still working on the layout, video guide and Hard Mode guide. So many mechanics... Hoping to finish the non-video guides to all 6 Dxun fights then will finish the video guides.

12/30/19 - Added Ancient Pylons boss fight guide to the Eternity Vault operation section.

12/29/19 - Implementing this tracker as a means to provide a quick reference to readers on the progress in completing this site's contents (i.e., getting all class and operations guides posted). As of this date, the class guides for all Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior disciplines and the DPS disciplines for Scoundrel / Operative are posted. As for operations, the guides for the first two bosses in the Eternity Vault operation (Annihilation Droid XRR-3 and Gharj) and the first three bosses in the Dxun Nature of Progress operation (Red, Holding Pens, Control Center) are all posted, though some of the Dxun operation guides still need video guides. I'm working on them!!!