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Eternity Vault is the first operation in SWTOR and was the only operation available at the game's launch. It has long been considered the easiest operation in the game.

The first two encounters, Annihilation Droid XRR-3 and Gharj, present the biggest challenge as far as DPS and healing. These are the only two fights with a meaningful DPS check and both have phases of relatively high burst healing. That said, most groups should have no difficulty in story mode.

The remaining three encounters all offer unique mechanics in the game. Ancient Pylons is a puzzle boss with minimal difficulty. The Infernal Council requires each player to solo duel a boss, which is straight-forward but can occasionally be difficult for newer players (particularly healers). Soa has by far the most mechanics in the operation and presents by far the most complicated transition / movement phase in the game.

All in all, conquering the Eternity Vault is a great way to have a fun operation experience and one of the best ways to introduce newer players to end game content in SWTOR.

Boss Encounters

Summary Boss Fight Guides

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IMPORTANT - The links above and in the boss description below will take you to detailed boss fight guides. Those guides go into much more detail regarding mechanics, strategy, etc.

The information below is very summarized and intended to be an easy quick-reference guide for players who need a quick reminder heading into an operation.

New to Operations? Check out this guide from Swtorista to learn the basics about how to join an operations group.

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Annihilation Droid XRR-3 - Story Mode Kill Video

Annihilation Droid XRR-3 - Video Guide

Story Mode

Gharj has a Rending Swipe cleave so the tank should face the boss towards the door and away from the group. Ranged DPS and healers should stay >20m from the boss for most of the fight.

The tank will periodically be punted away from the boss. Run/leap back and re-taunt as needed if aggro is lost.

The boss will periodically use a Shockwave / Overwhelming Strike combo. Shockwave will stun everyone within 20m. Overwhelming Strike will knockback those players. Missile Salvo usually follows.

Missile Salvo is the boss’s most dangerous attack. It involves a sustained channel that deals AoE damage to the group. Everyone should run under the boss for AoE healing. When the channel ends, everyone should return to their previous positions.

Below 50% health, the boss will begin channelling Storm Protocol. Red circles will appear under players’ feet. Move quickly or you will take damage.

When the boss reaches ~10% health, it will begin an endless cast of Missile Salvo. Group up under the boss for AoE healing and try to save raid buffs and strong defensive cooldowns to survive this phase. The boss is defeated at 1% health.

Veteran Mode

XRR-3 has no new mechanics in Veteran Mode but its various attacks deal significantly more damage.

Storm Protocol (red circles) deal significant spike damage so avoiding them is much more important. Missile Salvo (sustained AoE attack) is very damaging and will require moderate AoE healing to survive, so grouping under the boss and using defensives is recommended.

Lock On is an unavoidable damage mechanic to non-tanks that healers should watch for burst healing. Lock On hitting a player during Storm Protocol can one-shot a player without immediate burst healing.

The DPS checks in Eternity Vault are relatively easy and XRR-3 has the highest required DPS, so if the group can clear XRR-3 then DPS should not be an issue for the remainder of the operation.

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Gharj - Story Mode Kill Video

Gharj - Video Guide

Story Mode

The tank should always face the boss away from the group and position themselves at one end of the platform. Ranged DPS and healers should stay at the other end of the platform to avoid AoE damage.

Gharj primarily deals single target and cleave damage to the tank. He will also periodically do an AoE knockup/back attack that can push players off the platform into lava. Run back if so.

Gharj will regularly start channelling Frenzy, which will begin collapsing the current island. A new island will appear with steps to reach it. The boss will also regularly use a large AoE stomp attack. Players should avoid the boss’ AoE and run to the next island.

Below 50%, Gharj will summon adds when it begins Frenzy to collapse the current island.

Veteran Mode

Gharj does not have any new mechanics in Veteran Mode but the higher damage of some abilities requires players be much more careful.

Gharj's Leap and Frenzy AoE stomps (Leap is a one-off attack, Frenzy is sustained Leaps while an island is sinking) deal very high damage in Veteran Mode. Most non-tank players can only survive 1-2 Frenzy Leaps before dying. Players should time their movement between islands to quickly move past Gharj to avoid taking damage or at most only get clipped by one Frenzy Leap.

Healing overall is not difficult except during Frenzy transition phases between islands. Frenzy AoE damage and periodic damage from lava is by far the most stressful healing phase in the fight.

Tanks have the same responsibilities in Veteran Mode. It is somewhat more important to position Gharj in a corner of the platform to make it easier for players to avoid Leap / Frenzy AoE damage, but is otherwise identical to Story Mode.

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Ancient Pylons - Story Mode Kill Video

Ancient Pylons - Video Guide

Story Mode

This encounter is a puzzle encounter. The team will need to split into equally balanced groups to solve the puzzle at the North and South locations. The overall goal is to match all 4 rows such that all icons on that row are the same.

The puzzle is solved via using the Left and Right clickable buttons to rotate the middle icon until it matches the left and right icons on that row. This begins with the bottom row and proceeds upwards until all rows are matched.

Once the middle icon matches the left/right, the player should click the middle button to “lock in” the selection. Once both North and South are locked in on the given row, the puzzle proceeds to the new row moving upwards. Once all 4 are solved, the team is teleported to the middle area and the puzzle is complete.

Adds will be periodically spawned at 3 locations near each console. The Rakata adds are easy though they do have a stun and a reflect that need to be avoided/interrupted. Periodically an Acklay will be spawned that should be stunned and killed.

If the team takes too long to solve the puzzle, the “soft enrage” consists of a series of Acklays where 1 spawns, then 2 spawn, then 3 spawn. Shortly after the 3 Acklay wave, the puzzle will reset if not solved.

Veteran Mode

Ancient Pylons is only slightly more difficult in Veteran Mode.

The main difference is the Pylon Ward debuff that is applied to a player when they interact with the controls to rotate the puzzle icons. This requires a rotation of 2-3 players to take turns clicking the puzzle to solve it in time.

(click link for detailed guide page)

Story Mode

This encounter involves each player fighting a 1v1 solo battle. It is super important that no guards, raid buffs, AoE buffs or AoE heals are used and that no player damages any boss other than their boss or heals anyone other than themselves.

Each player should be assigned to an individual boss. Generally, tanks should take Juggernauts, DPS should take Marauders and healers should take Assassins. Once everyone is ready, someone will click the console in the entryway to drop the bosses and make the active and able to be damaged.

Each player will kill their own boss. Juggernauts and Marauders are very straightforward. Assassins deal a fair bit of damage and can be challenging for some healers. Reflect abilities are very useful, as is respeccing to a DPS discipline for that fight.

If a player attacks a boss that has been “claimed” by someone else or heals another player, they get a debuff that prevents them from any damage or healing for 60 seconds. This buff is refreshed if they attempt to damage/heal anyone.

Thus, everyone should take care of their own boss and avoid anyone else. Once their boss is down, the player an use ONE damaging ability to help another player. They will then get the debuff and be unable to help.

It is possible to have one player take care of two bosses in case of players who are unable to kill their boss. In that case, no one “picks up” the boss and it will wander around until someone can kill their boss and then is free to pick up the second one.

Veteran Mode

The Infernal Council is the same in Veteran Mode except the bosses have more health and deal more damage. There is no change to the strategy to clear them, which is a series of 1v1 battles between each player and a boss.

(click link for detailed guide page)

Story Mode

Soa is the last boss in the Eternity Vault. The encounter is a combination of fairly straight-forward tank-and-spank mechanics, some platforming, and a positioning mechanic at the end.


No one should enter the room with Soa. As of 6.0, the fight begins as soon as someone enters.

Phase 1 - Top Floor

Soa begins the fight in a shield. When attacked, the boss starts a cast that drops the shield at its conclusion. Soa is then damageable until 75% when he bubbles up and the fight transitions to the next phase.

During Phase 1 on the top platform, the only mechanic is that the pylons around the room will begin sequentially glowing and creating a green AoE puddle around them. These should be avoided. Slower DPS will result in more of the platform being filled with green, and really slow DPS could lead to a wipe by the entire platform being covered in green.

Phase 1 Transition - Platforming

When Soa bubbles at 75%, the team should move to the WEST outer platform (where the team dropped down when entering the room). After a few seconds, the inner and middle platforms will collapse downward, likely killing anyone standing on them.

The team will then platform down to the middle platform for Phase 2. Sections of the top platform will drop down in sequence, such that there will be moments where the team can pause to heal. Players will take fall damage and will require healing to survive the phase.

One player should be assigned to DPS and kill pylons on each platform as the team moves down. Doing this removes Power Orbs from Soa (he begins at 5 stacks). If any stacks are remaining when Phase 2 begins on the middle platform, Soa will cast Power Orb Detonation once per stack and deal high AoE damage.

If any other player damages the pylon, the mechanic may bug and prevent any orbs from being removed, so only one player should handle this task.

Phase 2 - Middle Floor

Once safely on the middle platform, Phase 2 will begin shortly. The team’s goal is to damage Soa from 75% to 30% health. New mechanics exist for Phase 2.

Soa will periodically trap a team member in a Mind Trap. The team should immediately destroy the Mind Trap to free that team member.

Soa will also target players with lightning orbs, for which those players should move away from the group and run into the orb to avoid the AoE damage hitting the team.

Soa will also put a player in a vortex that bounces them around the room for 10-15s. They take minimal damage during the mechanic, and are deposited on the WEST side of the map afterwards and can rejoin the fight.

Phase 2 Transition - Platforming

Once Soa reaches 30%, he bubbles up and the team repeats the same platforming mechanic. The team should begin the phase at the WEST (where they dropped down originally and after the first platforming phase).

Players on the EAST side can jump down (they will take large initial fall damage) then move NORTH (to their Left) to rejoin the team as it moves downward.

Phase 3 - Bottom Floor

On the bottom ground floor, Soa’s shield does not come down normally. The only way to damage Soa is to kite him into the path of a floating Pyramid object, which will crash down and break his shield for a short time.

In story mode, a large blue circle will indicate the pyramid's AoE. The tank or player with aggro should pull the boss into the AoE. All players should try to stay out of the AoE to avoid taking damage.

Mind traps and lightning orbs will continue to occur during this last phase. Players should follow the strategy for these mechanics except during Soa's vulnerable phase, during which time DPS on Soa takes absolute priority.

Veteran Mode

Soa is a very similar fight in Veteran Mode. The phases on the first and second floor last longer due to Soa's higher health so various mechanics must be managed for longer periods and all damage mechanics hit harder. The Power Orbs in particular are very dangerous in Veteran Mode if the team fails to clear them while platforming.

The only significant change to Soa in Veteran Mode is on the ground floor. There is no blue circle to telegraph where the pyramids will land. Tanks must identify the proper location to kite Soa based on either visually identifying the floating pyramid's location or by looking for its shadow on the ground. Make sure to enable shadows in your graphics settings. Teammates can help by using tactical markers or having a back-up tank or a DPS with taunt be ready to pull the boss to the proper location.

If Soa enrages, he is much more dangerous in Veteran Mode though it is still possible to clear the fight well into enrage. Just be very careful of the falling pyramids as they will one shot in Veteran Mode after Soa enrages.




Gharj Lava Cave


Infernal Prison