Nightmare Pilgrim



Enrage Timer: 6.5 minutes

The Nightmare Pilgrim (NiM Pilgrim) is a challenging world boss on the planet Voss. While the majority of world bosses can be seen roaming the landscape, the NiM Pilgrim is one of a few that is summoned by clicking on something. Many a codex-seeker has died to this fearsome boss.

The NiM Pilgrim is a two boss encounter that requires at least 12 people and preferably a full 16 person operations group. No more than 16 are allowed. The fight has some challenging mechanics that make it far more difficult than other pre-endgame world bosses, which is why I included a guide on this website.

The basic goal for the encounter is to kill the Thing from the Stars (aka Dog) first then kill the Nightmare Pilgrim. The boss has a Bloodmark mechanic that forces players to swap between enemies to avoid death from reflect damage.

Kill Video & Video Guide

NiM Pilgrim Kill Video (Dog Tank PoV)

How to find the Nightmare Pilgrim

The Nightmare Pilgrim is located on the planet Voss in the Gormak Lands region (the southern most region on Voss). Republic players can quick travel or take a shuttle to Camp Talanis and Imperial players can travel to Skyline Outpost to reach the Gormak Lands.

The Nightmare Pilgrim is located in the central area of the Gormak Lands map, as noted in the map to the left.

If you pick up the Aratech Coral mount quest from the fleet, you will get a mission indicator like on the map screenshot to left to help direct you to the Nightmare Pilgrim.

Detailed Walkthrough

Key Abilities / Mechanics - Thing from the Stars (Dog)

Melee Attack

Basic melee attack used by the Dog every 1.5 seconds to deal kinetic damage.


Melee attack ability by the Dog that deals kinetic damage and applies the Damage Vulnerability debuff to the affected player. Devour has a 18 second cooldown while the Damage Vulnerability debuff has a 20 second duration, so tanks will not normally fall off without a tank swap.


Melee attack ability by the Dog that deals kinetic damage. Gore has a 9 second cooldown. Gore can be interrupted.

Earth Spike

1.5 second cast ability the Dog that places a medium sized orange circle on the ground. Any player caught within the circle will take damage and be stunned by 4 seconds.

Enraged Gore

The Dog will use Enraged Gore beginning 90 seconds into the battle and every 90 seconds thereafter. The ability applies a 6 second buff to the Dog. When the buff expires Bloodmark will begin being applied to random players.

The team should watch for the Enraged Gore ability cast and call out to stop DPS to see who gets Bloodmark.


The Dog's Overwhelming buff is present on some other world bosses. The buff causes the Dog's attacks to apply a 50% slow debuff on targets that take damage. The slow debuff lasts 3 seconds.

Key Abilities / Mechanics - Nightmare Pilgrim

Ranged Attack

Basic melee attack used by the Nightmare Pilgrim to deal energy damage.

Rapid Fire

4.5 second channeled ranged attack by the Nightmare Pilgrim that deals energy damage. Rapid Fire has a 12 second cooldown.

Grenade Salvo

Instant ability used by the Nightmare Pilgrim on a 20 second cooldown. Grenade Salvo targets random players with a variety of colored circles that each have a different effect. Players should avoid the circles.

  • White Circle - Cryo grenade

  • Purple Circle - Poison grenade

  • Red Circle - Shrapnel grenade

Nightmare Paranoia

Buff applied to Nightmare Pilgrim ticks every 3 seconds and deals periodic internal damage to players. The damage taken by players scales with the number of stacks of Nightmare Paranoia they have, which are determined based on the number of players in the group.

Recharge Shield

15 second channeled ability by the Nightmare Pilgrim that makes the boss immune to damage and reflects damage back to the attackers. Recharge Shield technically has a 90 second cooldown and is used at the same time as Bloodmark by the Dog. Recharge Shield is preceded by a 360 degree knockback ability to all players within melee range.


The Nightmare Pilgrim has the Terrifying buff that applies the Terrified debuff to any player companions. This buff makes companions useless in the encounter.

Energy Screen

The Nightmare Pilgrim has this buff that prevents him from dying while the Dog is alive. This buff triggers at 10% health if the Dog is alive absorbs all damage while the Dog remains alive.

Linked Enrage

After the Dog dies, the Nightmare Pilgrim receives this buff and deals +25% damage.


After 6 minutes and 30 seconds have elapsed in the fight, the Nightmare Pilgrim enrages and receives this buff that increases damage dealt to players by +400%.

Key Abilities / Mechanics - Player


90 second debuff applied to up to 8 players after the Dog's Enraged Gore buff expires. The Dog applies Bloodmark to 1 player per second over 7 seconds for 8 players total.

Bloodmark causes any damage dealt to the Dog to be reflected and increases damage taken from the Dog by +75%. Any player with Bloodmark will almost immediately die if they continue attacking the Dog. Any tank with Bloodmark and aggro on the Dog should tank swap if possible, since the duration of Bloodmark is so long that it is difficult to bridge the damage with defensive cooldowns.

Damage Vulnerability

20 second stacking debuff applied to the player hit by the Dog's Devour attack. Each stack of the debuff increases damage taken by Gore by 100% per stack and can stack up to 10 times. Defensive cooldowns should be used to tank Gore at high stacks or a tank swap should occur.

Nightmare Paranoia

Debuff that increases damage taken by Nightmare Pilgrim's Nightmare Paranoia buff. Each player in the group receives 1 stack per player in the group, so a group of 16 would all have 16 stacks. Each stack increases damage taken by +6.25%, so a 16 person group will have their damage taken increased by +100%.

If the group exceeds 16 members and players receive 17 or more stacks of Nightmare Paranoia, each player also has their damage taken increased by +200%.

Mental Exhaustion

120 hour debuff applied after defeating Nightmare Pilgrim. (Yes, you read that right, 120 hours = 5 days) The debuff causes the player to take +200% damage from Mental Assault. The debuff persists through defeat and is intended to prevent farming of the boss on the same player.



The objective of the encounter is kill the Dog first then the Nightmare Pilgrim. A different tank should hold the Dog and Nightmare Pilgrim. After 90 seconds, the Dog will use the Enraged Gore ability and 6 seconds later begin to apply Bloodmark debuffs to players. Players with Bloodmark should swap from the Dog to the Nightmare Pilgrim until the debuff expires.

After the Dog is killed, all players should swap to the Nightmare Pilgrim. The Nightmare Pilgrim has a Recharge Shield 15 second channel that reflects damage so DPS should stop attacking while the shield is active. After the Dog is killed the encounter is very straightforward.

Group Composition

The group composition for Nightmare Pilgrim requires at least 12 players and preferably a full 16 person operations group. You cannot have more than 16 players due to the Nightmare Paranoia mechanic, which causes the group to take +200% damage if you have 17 or more players.

The group needs at least 2 tanks and I typically recommend 3 tanks so that 2 tanks can swap in and out on the Dog while another tank holds the Nightmare Pilgrim the entire time.

The group will want at least 3 healers or as many as four. The heal check is not too difficult generally but spike damage can be problematic especially if tanks swaps are delayed at all. I recommend 4 healers to be safe.

Pre-Fight Preparation

The key points to discuss before the fight begins are as follows:

  • Tanking assignments: Assign which tank will hold the Dog and Nightmare Pilgrim. If the group has 3 tanks, then 2 tanks should stick to the Dog and 1 to the Pilgrim. Make sure the tanks have a plan of attack around swaps in case the tank on the Dog gets Bloodmark, or if the Dog tank with aggro gets too many stacks of Damage Vulnerability.

  • Remind DPS to interrupt Gore: Gore is an interruptible attack from the Dog and should be interrupted as often as possible by DPS. Consistent interrupts will really help the healers and can facilitate avoiding tank swaps except in the case of Bloodmark.

  • Discuss Enraged Gore & Bloodmark: By far the most important mechanic is ensuring players stop DPS when Enraged Gore goes out to wait for Bloodmark. Make sure every player understands this mechanic and make it clear how the team will communicate when to stop and resume DPS (e.g., ops announcement, voice chat call-out, etc.)

  • Discuss Recharge Shield Reflect: I usually suggest instructing the team to stay relatively close to the Nightmare Pilgrim after the Dog dies. This strategy leads to the entire group being knocked back when Recharge Shield is activated, which naturally interrupts casts and helps prevent players using channeled ranged attacks from accidentally reflecting themselves to death.

When the group is ready to begin the fight, have a player click the Forbidden Knowledge tablet.

Strategy Key Points

The strategy for this fight has the following key points:

  1. All DPS focus on the Dog first. The team's overall goal is to eliminate the Dog as quickly as possible since the Bloodmark mechanic is by far the most dangerous and one bad Bloodmark phase can wipe the group. The team should open up immediately with all raid buffs, cooldowns and adrenals to maximize DPS during the first 90 seconds before Bloodmark goes out.

  2. Deal with Gore / Damage Vulnerability mechanics. Gore does relatively low base damage but can cause very high spike damage if not managed. The tank on the Dog will build up stacks of Damage Vulnerability that increase the damage taken from Gore by 100% per stack. The team has a few options to deal with these mechanics, which include interrupting Gore, cycling defensive cooldowns, or a tank swap or brief DWT swap.

  3. Stop all DPS on Dog when Enraged Gore is cast. Enraged Gore is a brief cast to watch for and leaves a 6 second duration buff on the Dog. As soon as Enrage Gore goes out, the team should stop all DPS. As soon as Enraged Gore expires, 8 Bloodmark debuffs will go out to the team. The team should wait until all 8 debuffs have gone out to ensure no one dies from the reflect damage.

  4. Players with Bloodmark swap to the Nightmare Pilgrim. DPS who receive Bloodmark should swap to the Nightmare Pilgrim and avoid the Dog while the debuff is active. If the tank with aggro on the Dog gets Bloodmark, they should swap with a tank without Bloodmark if possible. If all tanks have Bloodmark, cycle defensives and avoid dealing damage to the Dog.

  5. Repeat Bloodmark / Swap cycle until Dog dies. Depending on group DPS, you may see multiple waves of Bloodmark. Continue to ensure players allow time for Bloodmark to be applied and then sort targets accordingly.

  6. After Dog dies, kill Nightmare Pilgrim. The Pilgrim is much simpler by comparison to the Dog. The only mechanic to watch for is Recharge Shields that causes a powerful reflect. Staying close to the boss will lead to being knocked back prior to the mechanic, which can be helpful to avoid accidentally hitting the reflect.

Detailed Strategy


A player should click the Forbidden Knowledge tablet to begin the encounter.

The tanks should pick up the Nightmare Pilgrim and Dog and separate them by at least 10-15 meters or more. This separation is important to avoid splash damage hitting the Dog by accident when players get the Bloodmark debuff and swap to the Nightmare Pilgrim.

DPS should all attack the Dog and use all offensive cooldowns to maximize early DPS.

Phase 1 - DPS Dog for 90 seconds

The first 90 seconds of the fight should be a free for all to maximize DPS on the Dog. Groups with very high DPS may be able to kill the Dog in this time, but most groups will not have sufficient DPS. However, maximizing DPS is important because after Bloodmark goes out typically half or more of the DPS will be unable to attack the Dog at any time.

The biggest concern early in the fight is spike damage on the tank holding the Dog. They will get an additional stack of Damage Vulnerability every 18 seconds that increases damage taken from Gore by 100%. Damage Vulnerability lasts 20 seconds so it comes close to dropping off before being refreshed.

The team has a few options to deal with Gore:

  • Heal through it. Teams with high DPS may not need the tank to take too many stacks of Damage Vulnerability before killing the Dog. If the group has strong healers and a tank that can cycle through defensives, it's possible to just heal through it. I do not recommend this approach though since it leaves the tank vulnerable to unexpected spike damage.

  • Tank swap. If the group has 3 tanks, consider having the 2 tanks on the Dog swap around 2 or so stacks of Damage Vulnerability. As long as 2 tanks are free from Bloodmark, this strategy is the simplest and most reliable. Without high stacks of Gore the Dog's damage is not very threatening to a well geared tank.

  • DWT "swap". If the group only has 2 tanks or if any other tanks have Bloodmark then a normal tank swap may not be an option. If so and if the group has any DWT (DPS With Taunt), have them taunt the Dog around 5 seconds before Damage Vulnerability falls off. The DWT should use a defensive cooldown and will receive 1 stack of Damage Vulnerability, but will let the tank's stacks fall off. This strategy can be used to drop stacks at 2-3 stacks and is a good backup after Bloodmark comes out later.

The team should watch out for Earth Spike and Grenade Salvo and move out of any colored circles.

Phase 2 - Stop DPS for Enraged Gore / Bloodmark

Enraged Gore will go out 90 seconds into the fight.

Enraged Gore applies a buff of the same name on the Dog, which counts down until Bloodmark goes out. Enraged Gore also removes the cooldown on Gore and lets the Dog spam Gore repeatedly over a short time. If the tank has more than 1-2 stacks of Damage Vulnerability they should use a defensive cooldown to help mitigate spike damage.

The team leader and all team members should watch for the Bloodmark buff to be applied over 7-8 seconds after the Enraged Gore buff expires on the Dog. I recommend calling out all players to stop attacking as soon as they see the buff and wait until 8 players have received the Bloodmark debuff. Healers should continue healing!!!

If the tank with the Dog's aggro receives the Bloodmark debuff, they need to call out immediately for a tank swap. They will take 75% more damage from the Dog so need to swap as soon as possible.

The Nightmare Pilgrim will activate Recharge Shield at the same time as Enraged Gore, knocking back nearby players and activating its 15 second reflect shield. Players swapping from the Dog to the Nightmare Pilgrim should be careful to wait to attack until the shield goes down.

Phase 3 - Repeat Phase 1/2 until Dog is defeated

The key to success in this fight is executing a smooth swap to the Nightmare Pilgrim by players who receive the Bloodmark debuff. At this point the team's goal remains defeating the Dog but due to the Bloodmark debuff DPS will slow down on the Dog.

The overall strategy remains the same as in Phase 1 to attack bosses. The only notable change is that tanking the Dog can become difficult if one or more tanks gets Bloodmark. Be very careful with tank swaps but be aggressive in keeping stacks of Damage Vulnerability low. A tank with Bloodmark can swap in briefly to take aggro long enough for a tank without a debuff to drop stacks, though a DWT is also a viable option.

The Bloodmark debuff lasts for 90 seconds, so it is an easy visual cue to know when to expect another Enraged Gore / Bloodmark cycle. Players who have Bloodmark drop off can get it again, so just as before everyone should be extremely careful to let all Bloodmark debuffs go out. At that point, the group should naturally re-assign themselves.

Phase 4 - Defeat the Nightmare Pilgrim

After the Dog is defeated, the fight becomes much simpler as all players can safely attack the Nightmare Pilgrim. The only mechanic to watch for is the Recharge Shield mechanic. Recharge Shield occurs on the same 90 second timeline as Bloodmark and should occur at the same time prior to the Dog being defeated.

Bloodmark & Recharge Shield

Enraged Gore

Here is a close look at the Dog's health bar during Enraged Gore. Notice how the red buff is applied and ticks down. This is a cue for the tank to hit a defensive, healers to spam heals on the Dog tank, and DPS to STOP ATTACKING THE DOG!!!

As soon as the buff expires, Bloodmark begins going out to the team.


This GIF illustrates how Bloodmark goes out. It is running at half speed to make it a bit easier to see.

My character Myrlyn gets the first debuff then 7 more players get the debuff over several seconds. We lose one player from the debuff early and another player at the end but overall do a nice job of waiting for the debuff to go out and avoid reflecting ourselves to death.

Again the goal here should be to STOP DPS and just wait until 8 players have Bloodmark (or die) then folks without Bloodmark can resume attacking the Dog while those with Bloodmark attack the Pilgrim.

Recharge Shield

This GIF is meant to show the knockback and visual cue for Recharge Shield on the Nightmare Pilgrim, which reflects damage.

I have the Dog set as my Focus Target, so if you watch carefully you will see Enraged Gore go out as I am knocked back to indicate Bloodmark is coming soon.

Role Discussion


Tanks have a lot more to monitor in this fight than in most world boss encounters, so this fight resembles an operation boss moreso than a world boss. The key tips for tanks include the following:

  • Keep the Pilgrim and Dog at least 10-15 meters apart. When/if Bloodmark goes out, it is important to keep the bosses separate so that splash damage or DoT spread abilities hitting the Pilgrim do not accidentally deal damage to the Dog and kill DPS.

  • Face the Pilgrim and Dog away from the group. Always a best practice to face bosses away, both enemies in this encounter have conal attacks so facing them away from the group will help to minimize damage on non-tanks.

  • Coordinate tank swaps to manage stacks of Damage Vulnerability. The Dog's Devour ability adds stacks of Damage Vulnerability that increase the damage taken by Gore by 100% per stack. Damage Vulnerability lasts 20 seconds and gets applied every 18 seconds. It is a good idea to try and drop stacks at 2 or maybe 3 stacks at most. If you have an extra tank (so 2 on the Dog), you can tank swap each time at 2 stacks. If you only have 2 tanks (or 2 left alive), then the tank on Pilgrim can taunt the Dog for a few seconds then the Dog tank can grab it back. It is even possible to do this with Bloodmark as long as the off-tank avoids using any damage abilities on the Dog.

  • Interrupt Gore as often as possible. Tanks generally have a lower cooldown on their interrupt than many DPS classes. Make sure to use it and help interrupt Gore to reduce your damage taken. Gore normally goes out every 9 or so seconds so you the tank by themselves should be able to interrupt every other Gore.

  • Move out of Earth Spike or Grenade Salvo circles. This is self explanatory but important to avoid damage. The Earth Spike typically prefers players furthest away from the Dog, so I have found that the tank holding Nightmare Pilgrim tends to get it a lot.

  • Call out tank swaps in voice chat for healers. This fight is all about spike damage on tanks so make sure to let your healers know if you are out of defensives, will be briefly tanking both bosses, holding the Dog with Bloodmark, etc.

  • Use a defensive cooldown during Enraged Gore. During Enraged Gore's 6 second duration the Dog will spam Gore on the tank. If the tank has any stacks of Damage Vulnerability this may deal very high damage. Enraged Gore goes out every 90 seconds so plan for it by trying to keep stacks of Damage Vulnerability low and/or having a strong defensive cooldown available. Some great defensives include Deflection for Shadow/Assassins, Saber Ward for Guardian/Juggernauts or Reactive/Energy Shield for Vanguard/Powertechs.

  • Watch for Bloodmark and coordinate tank swaps. Any or all tanks can get Bloodmark so be very careful. The debuff is doubly dangerous for tanks since it not only reflects damage dealt to the Dog but causes the tank to take 75% greater damage from the Dog. The tank with Dog aggro needs to watch for and immediately call out if they get Bloodmark, and any tank without Bloodmark should pick up the Dog.
    If all tanks get Bloodmark then someone will have to hold the Dog and cycle defensives. If this happens then tanks will need to swap very frequently to manage stacks of Damage Vulnerability. With the 75% damage debuff the tanks will take nearly as much damage as a DPS would, so a DWT without Bloodmark may also work to take a turn tanking the Dog with a defensive.
    The point here is COMMUNICATE to deal with Bloodmark.

  • Do not attack Nightmare Pilgrim during Recharge Shield. Recharge Shield goes out at the same time as Enraged Gore and includes a knockback mechanic. Pay attention and don't attack into a reflect shield!


Healers primarily need to provide burst healing to tanks in the Nightmare Pilgrim encounter. The tanks may take a lot of spike damage at times. The remainder of damage is either simple to manage (e.g., normal boss attacks on tanks, DPS standing in stupid) or is impossible to heal (e.g., players one-shot themselves by attacking through Bloodmark or Recharge Shield).

Healers should look for the following to anticipate or react to spike damage:

  • Keep track of the tank with Dog aggro. They will take the most damage and be most vulnerable to heavy spike damage. The tank holding Nightmare Pilgrim is very unlikely to be one-shot, so unless both tanks are low you should nearly always prioritize topping off the tank holding the Dog.

  • Keep track of tank stacks of Damage Vulnerability. This debuff looks like a fire/explosion icon per above. If the tank with Dog aggro has 1-2 stacks they will take decent spike damage. At 3-5 stacks they will be vulnerable to very high spike damage and could die very quickly. At higher stacks healing will be heavily dependent on the team interrupting Gore and/or tanks keeping defensives active.

  • Help call out tank swaps. Less experienced tanks may struggle to keep track of the Damage Vulnerability debuff or may not understand how it impacts their damage taken. Healers can help by calling out when a tank reaches 2-3 stacks and ask for a swap or for a DWT to taunt for 5-8 seconds to let stacks drop off.

  • Anticipate Enraged Gore and use a cooldown. The tank may take heavy damage during Enraged Gore since it allows the Dog to spam Gore 5-6 times during its duration. Enraged Gore goes out every 90 seconds so look out for it, try to keep the tank topped off going into the mechanic and when it happens burn a cooldown and spam big burst heals.

  • Keep HoTs, probes, shields, etc. on the Nightmare Pilgrim tank. They will take steadier and less spiky damage than the Dog, so as long as passive healing effects are maintained they should be pretty easy to keep up anytime you need to focus on the Dog tank.


  • DPS have a simple job for this fight except for dealing with the Bloodmark mechanic. DPS should begin attacking the Dog and use all offensive cooldowns (raid buffs, adrenals, class-specific cooldowns). Melee DPS should be careful to stay behind the Dog, and all DPS should move out of Grenade Salvo or Earth Spike circles immediately.

  • All DPS should look for and interrupt all casts of Gore from the Dog. This will greatly help manage spike damage on the tanks.

  • The main objective for DPS is to watch for Enraged Gore from the Dog. It can be observed by watching the target cast bar while targeting the Dog, setting the Dog as Focus Target and watching the Focus Target castbar, or simply watching the Dog's buff bar for the Enraged Gore buff icon (see above). Any of these indicates you only have a few seconds before Bloodmark goes out. STOP DPS UNTIL BLOODMARK GOES OUT. It will take about 8 seconds after Enraged Gore expires for all Bloodmark debuffs to go out.

  • After Bloodmark, all DPS with the debuff should swap to the Nightmare Pilgrim until the debuff expires. The Bloodmark debuff lasts 90 seconds so it will expire in sync with the next wave of Enraged Gore/Bloodmark.

  • After the Dog dies, DPS should focus on the Nightmare Pilgrim. The only key mechanic to deal with is Recharge Shield. The ability reflects damage during its 15 second channel so players should stop attacking during its channel duration.

  • Ranged DPS are particularly in danger from Recharge Shield due to cast abilities and long channel abilities. I recommend ranged DPS position themselves within 10 meters of the boss, which will cause you to be knocked back when Recharge Shield triggers and naturally interrupt any abilities (and provide a helpful visual cue to stop attacking).