Discipline Guides

Please note the links below are currently to 6.x class guides. Updated guides are in progress.

Combat Style Legendary Implants

Legendary Implants can be purchased and upgraded on the fleet in the Supplies section. A player can equip two implants and so can equip up to two Legendary Implant bonuses.

Dynamic Force Package

The cooldown of Recklessness is reduced by 15 seconds. Package contains Critical Rating.

Comments: Recklessness is a great offensive cooldown for Sorcerer DPS and healers. The challenge is whether it deserves a spot over other options. There really is not room for Dynamic Force for DPS since Gathering Storm and Unmatched Haste are way stronger. For healers there is some room to debate the best combination between Dynamic Force for frequent burst heal windows, Revitalize for higher sustained healing or Unmatched Haste for longer and more frequent Mental Alacrity windows. I lean strongly towards Dynamic Force and Unmatched Haste as the better options since they synergize to provide more frequent burst heal windows, which is already a Sorc healer's strength since they will likely fall behind Tech healers in sustained and group healing.

Empowered Restorer Package

Activating Force Barrier puts a barrier on nearby allies, absorbing damage for up to 8 seconds and granting them an additional 25% elemental damage reduction while active. Package grants Alacrity Rating.

Comments: Empowered Restorer is the second healer focused package for Sorcs. I do not like this benefit because Force Barrier has a very long cooldown. The 25% damage reduction for 8 seconds to the group is far more meaningful than the damage shield in my mind, but a huge drawback is that it is implied that one must keep Force Barrier active to maintain the benefit. I haven't tested this one to confirm since I do not like its design and do not feel it is useful outside very niche circumstances. I would recommend either Dynamic Force or Unmatched Haste as better healer-focused package options than Empowered Restorer.

Force Resistance Package

Increases elemental, internal, kinetic and energy damage reduction by 3%. Package contains Shield Rating.

Comments: Terrible choice for Sorcs since they are not tanks. Listed here for completeness since technically they can equip it but please leave it on your Shadow or Assassin tank.

Force Training Package

Melee and force attacks deal 3% more damage. Package contains Alacrity Rating.

Comments: Force Training is not exciting but a buff to base damage is always good. All of the combat style's abilities are Force attacks so this buff should apply to all damage. This is a solid choice for damage disciplines though I feel it is still outperformed by Gathering Storm and Unmatched Haste and thus is not recommended for Sorcs.

Gathering Storm Package

Force Speed makes your next direct Force attack deal 20% more damage and Force attacks deal 20% more damage while Mental Alacrity is active. Package contains Alacrity Rating.

Comments: A fantastic option for damage disciplines, this legendary includes the benefits from the old Gathering Storm set bonus. A must take for Lightning and Madness disciplines.

Revitalize Package

While Resurgence is active on a target, it has a 15% chance to spontaneously heal the target whenever the target receives non-Resurgence healing from you. Package contains Critical Rating.

Comments: A healer-focused buff, Revitalize is fine and over the course of an encounter will add additional sustained healing. I think it is a viable option and addresses a weakness for Sorc healers with respect to sustained healing compared to tech healers. However, I personally feel it is better to play to the Sorc healer strengths as a burst and recovery healer. I recommend Dynamic Force and Unmatched Haste for their benefit to burst healing, though I will likely experiment with Revitalize at some point to see how it feels.

Unmatched Haste Package

The duration of Polarity Shift is increased by 5 seconds, and using Force Speed reduces the active cooldown of Polarity Shift by 5 seconds. Package contains Critical Rating.

Comments: A fantastic option for damage disciplines, this legendary includes some of the benefits from the old Gathering Storm set bonus. A must take for Lightning and Madness disciplines. Unmatched Haste is also a solid option for healers to provide longer and more frequent sustained burst healing windows.

Combat Style Tacticals

Unless otherwise noted, all tacticals can be purchased on the fleet in the Supplies area for 3,000 Tech Fragments and 1,000,000 credits. They may also be available from Kai Zykken in his rotating inventory for 2,000 Tech Fragments and 1,000,000 credits.

A Healing Hand

Extrication now heals you and the target and makes your next Resurgence free.

Comments: An interesting tactical to make the class' pull ability function as a self heal and providing some light Force management. The problem is that the energy management benefit is minimal and the overal heal buff is small, and an unnecessary pull (which is on a fairly long cooldown) interrupts rotations for DPS and drops threat for tanks. Cool but very very rarely useful.

An Explosive Return

Returning to your Phase Walk marker causes a force explosion around you, dealing damage to any enemies around.

Comments: This creates some cool potential to get some extra AoE damage for situations where you can pre-place a Phase Walk then later trigger it amongst adds or the boss to get some free extra damage. The downside is Phase Walk has such a low cooldown that it just isn't sufficiently powerful or available often enough to really be useful.

Cleanse the Agony

Crafted by Artifice.

Consuming Darkness lowers the cooldown of Expunge by 3 seconds.

Comments: This would be a really cool and useful tactical for fights with lots of cleanses, especially when running with several Powertech or Sniper players that cannot self cleanse. The challenge is that doing so means sacrificing a tactical that can provide more direct DPS/HPS benefits. This would be an amazing option if there was both a "direct buff" tactical and a "utility" tactical.

Endless Barrier

Activating Unnatural Preservation removes Static Barrier's Deionize effect from you.

Comments: A cool utility tactical that could let you apply a shield, absorb damage, self-heal it, then apply a second shield. Combined with the utility that lets your threat drop add 25% DR for 6s, this would let Sorcerer feel pretty tanky for short bursts. Would be cool if not for much more powerful tacticals available to each discipline.