Discipline Guides

Please note the links below are currently to 6.x class guides. Updated guides are in progress.

Combat Style Legendary Implants

Legendary Implants can be purchased and upgraded on the fleet in the Supplies section. A player can equip two implants and so can equip up to two Legendary Implant bonuses.

Ballast Point Package

Deflection grants ballistic immunity for 6 seconds, giving you immunity to movement impairing effects, knockdowns, and physics. Package contains Absorption Rating.

Comments: Ballast Point has an interesting bonus that has some niche applications such as the Revan third floor aberration mechanics. The bonus does not directly increase damage or mitigation so I would not generally recommend it as a primary option.

Dynamic Force Package

The cooldown of Force Potency is reduced by 15 seconds. Package contains Critical Rating.

Comments: Force Potency is a great offensive cooldown for all disciplines and a defensive cooldown for tanks. A reduced cooldown on the ability is great so this is a helpful bonus. It is not particularly powerful but neither are any of the other options. I would recommend Dynamic Force for all Shadow players regardless of discipline.

Force Resistance Package

Increases elemental, internal, kinetic and energy damage reduction by 3%. Package contains Shield Rating.

Comments: Force Resistance is a solid choice for tanks. Damage resistance has a larger effect on how much damage you take due to how damage mitigation functions in SWTOR, so 3% damage reduction should translate on average to around 5% less damage taken. That is not super powerful but it is the only mitigation option other than Dynamic Force.

Force Training Package

Melee and force attacks deal 3% more damage. Package contains Alacrity Rating.

Comments: Force Training is not exciting but a buff to base damage is always good. All of the combat style's abilities are either melee or Force attacks so this buff should apply to all damage. This is a solid choice for damage disciplines and a potential option for tanks seeking to prioritize damage over mitigation.

Gathering Storm Package

Force Speed makes your next direct Force attack deal 20% more damage and Force attacks deal 20% more damage while Mental Alacrity is active. Package contains Alacrity Rating.

Comments: Not recommended for Shadows. They can theoretically utilize the Force Speed 20% damage buff feature but do not have Mental Alacrity so miss a substantial portion of the benefit. The Force Speed damage is still nice but seems unlikely to match other options.

Shadowcraft Package

Using Shadow Stride from stealth grants Shadowcraft, increasing your critical hit chance by 100% for 6 seconds.

Comments: This legendary seems tailored to PVP and enabling stronger opening burst windows. It has intriguing possibilities for Infiltration but seems unlikely to be optimal for Kinetic Combat or Serenity versus other options.

Combat Style Tacticals

Unless otherwise noted, all tacticals can be purchased on the fleet in the Supplies area for 3,000 Tech Fragments and 1,000,000 credits. They may also be available from Kai Zykken in his rotating inventory for 2,000 Tech Fragments and 1,000,000 credits.

Chant of Regeneration

Force Potency increases your Force regeneration greatly for a short time.

Comments: All 3 disciplines can occasionally be resource constrained and forced to use a basic attack, so higher energy regeneration can be helpful. That said, the incremental DPS is very low and provides no survivability or utility benefit. This should be a tactical of last resort and never taken.

Friend of the Force

Resilience also applies to any ally you are guarding.

Comments: Friend of the Force is a great tactical that has common use in situations where another tank or a non-tank takes predictable very high Force/Tech damage, the player can Force Shroud to mitigate the hit. It can also be used to provide a combined self + guarded player cleanse for mechanics like Death Mark on Dread Council or Contagion on Apex Vanguard.

Jerra's Persistence

Crafted by Armstech.

Shadow Stride gains 2 charges.

Comments: Situational and not recommended.


Shadow Strike and Low Slash inflict trauma for 15 seconds, reducing all healing the target receives by 20%.

Comments: This tactical is very underwhelming and do not recommend.

Two Cloaks

Force Cloak has 2 charges.

Comments: Two Cloaks is a helpful tactical to get an extra self cleanse and a short immunity to Force/Tech attacks. The tactical will be less useful in 7.0 due to how combat stealth mechanics have changed but it should still be a good option in many encounters.