Enrage Timer: 60s (5 pillar burn windows x 12s burn time per window)

Soa is the fifth and last boss in the Eternity Vault operation in SWTOR. The encounter is straightforward except for the platforming elements that transition between platforms and requiring careful boss positioning during the last phase.

The team fights Soa on a series of 3 large circular platforms that are above each other. When Soa hits a defined level of health, he destroys the main platform and leaves smaller floating pieces for the team to platform down to the next main level. On the bottom level, the team must kite Soa underneath a series of falling pyramid objects to break his shield and enable the team to damage him.

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Infernal Prison

Top Floor Map

Infernal Prison

Platforming Map

Infernal Prison

Middle Floor Map

Infernal Prison

Bottom Floor Map

Detailed Walkthrough

Key Mechanics

Flurry of Lightning

Soa's basic flurry attack is a hail of lightning strikes.

1s cast basic attack with 60m range. Soa uses during top/middle floors when not using higher priority abilities. Does low damage.

Channel Platforms

Soa is attempting to cast down his enemies to death on the rocks and lava below.

Channeled ability by Soa during the platforming phase as he destroys each tier of platforms.

Power Orbs

Increases Soa's damage and allows Soa to use his Power Orb Detonation ability.

5 stacks of this buff are applied to Soa when he begins channeling platforms. The stacks are removed by having one player destroy the pylons on each platform as the team descends. Each pylon destroyed removes one Power Orb stack. Any remaining Power Orb stacks buff Soa's damage temporarily and are used to power a Power Orb Detonation for each stack.

It is important to note that having multiple players attack the same pylon or players attack multiple pylons at the same time can bug this mechanic. If that happens, no further Power Orb stacks can be removed during the current platforming phase, which will make some Power Orb Detonations a certainty on the next lower platform.

Power Orb Detonation

Soa is using his Power Orbs to cast a devastating lightning attack.

3s cast ability with a 9s cooldown, Power Orb Detonation requires and consumes 1 stack of Power Orb from Soa (received during the platforming phase). Each cast of this ability deals high damage to all players. It deals Force type damage and can be mitigated by many defensives, most notably Sonic Rebounder by Vanguard / Powertechs.

Force Cyclone

You are caught in a Force Cyclone!

1s cast basic attack with 60m range. Soa uses during top/middle floors when not using higher priority abilities. Does low damage.

Ball Lightning

Soa is attempting to cast down his enemies to death on the rocks and lava below.

3s cast ability by Soa that targets random player(s) with orbs of lightning that follow the player and explode upon contact. The ability has a 15s cooldown and creates 1/2/2/3 orbs in 8SM/16SM/8HM/16HM, respectively.

Mind Trap

Soa is attempting to cast down his enemies to death on the rocks and lava below.

3s cast ability by Soa that targets a random player and sucks them into a Mindtrap, which then appears on the platform as an object that must be destroyed to release the player. The ability has a 36s cooldown.

Absorption Field

Immune to damage.

Buff received by Soa on the bottom floor that makes him immune to all damage. The shield can only be interrupted by hitting Soa with a pyramid via the Final Hurl ability (by kiting him into its AoE), as that applies the Recovering debuff for 12s to make him temporarily vulnerable.

Final Hurl

Hurls a large object at the designated region.

23s ability by Soa that targets a random area of the bottom platform with a summoned pyramid object (can be seen during summoning being pulled from the inaccessible side area surrounding the bottom platform). Assuming Soa is hit by Final Hurl and receives the Recovering debuff, this makes a 35s cycle between 23s of time to tank Soa and kite him to the pyramid AoE and then a 12s burn window.


Soa takes damage from his own final hurl ability, despite being invulnerable.

12s channeled ability by Soa when he is hit by a pyramid via the Final Hurl ability. Soa is immobile, stunned and vulnerable to damage on the bottom platform solely during this phase.

Lightning Strike

Soa uses this as his flurry in the final round. Originally used as a replacement for chain lightning because he wouldn't use cast times while being kited.

1.5s cooldown basic attack used by Soa on bottom floor. Ability has 15m range. Does low damage except when enraged.



The objective of the encounter is to defeat Soa. Unfortunately, he has a habit of shielding himself and destroying nearby surroundings when attacked. As a result, the team will have to alternate between DPSing Soa and platforming down to a middle (and later, a bottom) platform. Soa's mechanics change at each platform and good coordination is necessary to survive the platforming. On the bottom platform, Soa is immune to damage except when hit by a falling pyramid that requires kiting by the main tank.

The overall difficulty of the fight is low provided the team is coordinated around the platforming and destroying pylons, kills Mind Traps promptly, and can successfully kite Soa into the Pyramid AoE on the bottom floor.

Group Composition

Group Composition for this fight can be any composition. Only one tank is necessary for this encounter on either Story Mode or Hard Mode. A second tank can be brought as insurance or just as a convenience for preferred player roles, as the DPS check is usually easy as well. Damage on the group is fairly low and it is possible to solo heal an 8m Soa (or two-heal in 16m) though I usually recommend a second healer in 8m and third healer in 16m, primarily due to the impact of Mind Traps catching healers and an occasional death during the platforming (sometimes due to D/C and not player error).

Pre-Fight Preparation

The group should organize outside the room with Soa. As of the 6.0 update, the Soa encounter usually begins as soon as one player drops down onto the circular platform. Organizing outside the room is ideal to make sure the fight does not begin until everyone is ready.

Assign which player will destroy Pylons during the two platforming phases. I recommend assigning a backup as well in case the designated player dies.

Remind everyone to watch out for green AOE puddles on the top floor, promptly kill Mind Traps on the middle floor, and step out of the group for Ball Lightning on the middle/bottom floors.

Make sure to discuss the Tank's role in kiting Soa on the bottom floor and check that they have graphics enabled and are accustomed to the Soa fight. If the tank is new to the encounter or is unable to run with sufficiently high graphics, I STRONGLY recommend tweaking the strategy to ensure Soa is pulled into range of the Final Hurl pyramids. Having a DPS with Taunt (DWT) taunt the boss solely to pull into the AOE can work. If a player is quick with Tactical Markers, they can place a marker on the ground in the center of the AoE as well. My preferred strategy in this situation is to place a marker on a designated player to lead the tank to the proper position, as this requires no tank swap or downtime due to button clicking. Simply say "Follow the player with the Gun marker" or something like that and let an experienced player show them where to go.

Strategy Key Points

In the simplest sense, the overall strategy for this fight has the following key points:

  1. Avoid Green AoE on the top floor. On the top floor, Soa will periodically channel lightning into a pylon to generate a large green AoE puddle. Players should avoid the AoE puddles. Most of the time, the puddles will not be near the players. If the pylons to the left and/or right of the entrance are triggered, it can be unexpectedly dangerous.

  2. Soa drops the first floor at 75% and the middle floor at 29%. When Soa hits these points, he will shield himself and become immune to damage. He will also start channeling to drop the platforms, giving the team around 10s or so to get to the outer platform. Watch Soa's health carefully and move quickly to the edge if on a tank or melee DPS class. Ranged DPS and healers should try to set up at the starting point for platforming and then don't need to worry about it.

  3. ONE player and ONLY one player should kill Pylons during platforming phases. Soa starts each platforming phase with 5 Power Orb stacks. These stacks can be removed by destroying pylons on the platforms as the team moves down. There is one pylon per platform. It is important to only have ONE player destroy the pylons as otherwise Soa can bug and his Power Orb stacks will not come off.

  4. Kill Mind Traps immediately. Soa will periodically trap a random player in a Mind Trap. They cannot escape until the team destroys the Mind Trap itself, so the DPS should immediately swap to Mind Traps. This mechanic is particularly dangerous when tanks or healers are pulled in.

  5. Step out of the group for Ball Lightning. Ops announcements will indicate which player(s) is targeted by Ball Lightning. The damage is not significant provided the targeted player(s) steps away from nearby players, hits a defensive ability and runs into their Ball Lightning. Kiting Ball Lightning into a group of players can deal major damage.

  6. Kite Soa into the Final Hurl AoE. The tank or DPS with taunt needs to be very precise in kiting Soa into the AoE for Final Hurl, as Soa cannot be killed without doing so.

Detailed Strategy

The key points above cover nearly all the relevant points. Here is a detailed layout of mechanics and strategy on a floor by floor basis.

Top Floor (Soa 100% -> 74%)

Soa will be shielded briefly when the fight begins. When the shield drops, the team DPS's him down to 75% at which point he shields himself and begins the transition platforming phase. During the fight on the top floor, he will deal damage to the tank and will periodically hit pylons around the room with lightning to cause them to create large green AoE puddles. Team members should immediately move outside the AoE puddle. Sometimes the puddle is not visible on everyone's computer, so call out if you see someone who is not moving.

As soon as Soa drops below 75% and hits 74%, he shields himself and prepares to drop the platforms. Team members should anticipate the shield and move quickly back to the location where the team dropped down (West on the game map). See the layout chart above for the Top floor, but note that the layout positions the entrance at the bottom of the graphic.

Platforming to Middle Floor

See the Platforming Map layout above for the platforming path. The team will make a series of jumps down to platforms working their way down to the middle circular platform. The time allowed for the platforming is fairly generous, so move quickly but do not rush so quickly that you risk falling off a platform.

After the first jump and midway down the platforming path, there will be pauses where the team must wait for more platforms to drop down. These are noted as "Pause" on the map above. As the team will be taking damage from most jumps between platforms, the Pause locations should be used for healers to heal the team up to avoid deaths due to fall damage.

One player should be destroying the pylons on each platform (one per platform) as the team moves down to remove Soa's stacks of Power Orb. Only one player should be doing so, otherwise Soa is likely to bug and prevent Power Orbs from being removed.

Middle Floor (74% -> 29%)

After Soa finishes destroying the floating platforms, the middle floor phase will begin. Soa continues to be immobile during this phase but adds several additional mechanics. See the above layout for the Middle Floor mechanics. These mechanics and their strategies are listed below:

  • Power Orb Detonation: Soa will cast this 3s ability once per stack of Power Orb remaining from the platforming phase, with a short 9s break in between casts. These deal heavy damage to every team member. One cast of this ability is manageable as Soa himself deals low damage in this phase so healers should not have difficulty healing everyone back up. Multiple casts can become very challenging due to insufficient time to heal between casts. Teams should coordinate use of defensive abilities and especially group AoE defensive abilities like Gunslinger / Sniper group shields and Sonic Rebounder. I generally recommend letting the first Power Orb Detonation go off normally, then use either Rebounder or any other combination of group defensive abilities to mitigate the second cast. This strategy can enable the team to survive up to three Power Orb Detonations reliably. Four or five stacks is extremely difficult to heal through even in Story Mode, and in Hard Mode will generally lead to a wipe unless you have multiple Vanguard / Powertech players and can stagger Sonic Rebounder use on the second and fourth casts to provide enough downtime for healers to recover from the AoE damage. If using the Rebounder strategy, it is very important that the group stay together so everyone receives the Sonic Rebounder reflect buff.

  • Mind Trap: Mind Trap will go out regularly and trap a random player inside the Mind Trap. Someone should call out the Mind Trap and all DPS should immediately move to destroy it and free the trapped player. If the group only has one tank and that player gets sucked in, the DPS that gets aggro should be prepared to pop a defensive ability while healers may need to burst heal more until the tank is freed.

  • Ball Lightning: Ball Lightning will go out regularly and target a number of random players as outlined in the mechanics above (varies based on size/difficulty). The targeted players need to move out of the group, hit a defensive, and run into the Ball Lightning. The explosion is AoE-based and does minimal single target damage, so is only dangerous if pulled into the group.

  • Force Cyclone: Force Cyclone goes out least often and targets a random player, who is then bounced around the room for a period of time and then deposited on the raised platform opposite where the group finished the platforming phase. No damage should accompany this mechanic. The affected player should resume the fight when they land and steadily move to reposition themselves for the next platforming phase (i.e., move to the other side of the room).

Soa pushes to the next platforming phase at 29%. I STRONGLY recommend that players who are not at the starting point for the platforming phase should stop DPS at 30% and begin moving early. This includes tank(s), melee DPS, any players on the far side of the room due to Force Cyclone, and any players who are spread out due to taking Ball Lightning or moving into range of a Mind Trap.

Platforming to Bottom Floor

The second platforming phase is essentially identical to the first platforming phase. The only distinction is that it is more likely that the group will be spread out around the room due to more mechanics on the middle floor. The first priority is to get to any part of the outer platform ring, as there should be enough time for players to run around the outer ring to get to a safe jumping point.

Players on the far side of the room can jump down on the East side of the game map (North on the map above). They will take a lot of fall damage but should not die. They can then move South (to their left) to drop down to the inner platform on the South side of the game map (East on the map above) to meet up with the team.

Bottom Floor (29% -> 0%)

Absorption Field, Final Hurl, Recovering, Mind Trap, Ball Lightning

This phase begins after Soa finishes destroying the last platform. Similar to the middle floor, Soa will chain cast Power Orb Detonation for every stack of Power Orb remaining from the platforming phase. Soa will also continue to cast Mind Trap and Ball Lightning on the group. Force Cyclone no longer is used on the bottom floor.

The additional mechanic on the bottom floor is Soa's Absorption Field. This shield makes Soa immune to all damage and has an unlimited duration. The only way to temporarily interrupt the shield is via Soa's Final Hurl ability. Final Hurl involves Soa summoning a pyramid-shaped object from the alcoves around the room and dropping it onto the platform. Soa should be kited into the AoE effect of the pyramid when it drops, which breaks Soa's shield for 12s while he has the Recovering debuff. Afterwards, his shield comes back up until the next time he is hit by a dropping pyramid.

The layout for this floor is in the Bottom Floor graphic above and consists of a cycle of the tank kiting Soa underneath a pyramid while it is floating above the platform, it hitting Soa and breaking his shield for 12s, the team DPS'ing Soa for 12s, then the shield coming back up and repeating until Soa is defeated.

In Story Mode the kiting is very straightforward as a blue AoE graphic denotes where the pyramid will fall, making it easy to pull Soa into it while the tank stands outside to avoid damage. In Hard Mode there is no graphic but the Pyramid's shadow (with appropriate graphics settings) can be used to position Soa similarly.

Soa enrages during the 5th Recovering phase (assuming he is hit with the falling pyramid each time). Soa can be handled during enrage if necessary. He deals significantly more damage, but a tank can kite him (keeping him moving constantly) and using defensives to survive through several more pyramid cycles. The biggest concern during enrage is the falling pyramid does way more damage and usually one-shots any player hit by it.

As noted above, Mind Trap and Ball Lightning continue to go out during this phase. They are both secondary to DPSing Soa during the Recovering phase when he is vulnerable. If possible, free any players in Mind Traps immediately but temporarily ignore it if Mind Trap happens right as Soa is stunned, as the team should DPS Soa first then destroy the Mind Trap after Soa stands back up and reactivates his shield. Similarly, DPS should not sacrifice uptime on Soa during his vulnerable phase in order to take Ball Lightning. They should try to avoid standing in the group and use a defensive while continuing to DPS Soa.

Role Discussion


Tanks only come into prominence on this fight on the bottom floor. During the top and middle floors, they should maintain aggro on Soa but otherwise simply have to follow team mechanics for Ball Lightning. Tanks with aggro on Soa should generally stay on him and not swap to DPSing Mind Traps unless there are a lot of deaths on the team.

On the bottom floor, the main tank should kite Soa into range of the Final Hurl Pyramid AoE. In Story Mode there is a clear blue AoE graphic indicating where to position Soa. See the bottom floor graphic above, ideally the tank should position Soa inside the graphic while keeping themselves out of it to avoid damage. In Hard Mode there is only a shadow for the Pyramid, so make sure to enable shadows and/or use voice comms or tactical markers to quickly get Soa into position.

Tanking Soa during enrage is doable with good healing and use of defensive cooldowns. Be warned however that the Final Hurl will one shot players during enrage, so positioning Soa accurately is even more important then!


Healers have no role-specific mechanics to follow in the Soa encounter. They should follow all team mechanics (platforming, Mind Trap, Ball Lightning, etc.) and focus on healing. Healers should generally call out in ops chat and/or voice comms if they get pulled into a Mind Trap.

Even in Hard Mode the damage taken by the group is usually relatively low. Mechanics that deal higher damage are Ball Lightning (especially if detonating in a group) and any players hit by Final Hurl on the bottom floor when the Pyramid falls.

On the bottom floor, Healers should add as much DPS as possible during the Recovering phase on Soa when he is vulnerable. The only incoming damage while Soa is stunned comes from Ball Lightning, so if none are up at that time then adding DPS is safe even if some players are at a low level of health.


DPS should follow all team mechanics and maintain DPS on Soa whenever possible. Any time Mind Traps spawn they should take top priority, especially if a tank or healer is pulled in. DPS targeted by Mind Traps should make sure to step out for Ball Lightning. Any DPS with a taunt should be prepared to grab Soa's aggro on the bottom floor to kite him if the main tank is pulled into a Mind Trap or dies.

A DPS player should normally be the one assigned to destroy Pylons during the platforming phases. No other DPS should be attacking Pylons to avoid bugging the mechanic.

On all levels of difficulty, a DPS with Taunt (DWT) can "tank" Soa by kiting him around prior to enrage. The player will take much heavier damage but can be healed through. This option is only viable after enrage with the use of defensive cooldowns.

Hard Mode Strategy

There are no changes to strategy or mechanics in Hard Mode. Soa has more health and so each phase lasts longer, which forces the team to potentially dodge more green AoE puddles on the top floor and execute more Mind Trap / Force Cyclone / Ball Lightning mechanics on the second and third floors.

The only notable change is on the bottom floor. In Story Mode, a blue AoE denotes the area where the pyramid will fall, making it very easy for a tank to ensure Soa is hit by the Pyramid while also avoiding damage themselves. In Hard Mode, there is no specific graphic to denote the landing area. Players with shadows enabled *should* see a shadow on the ground below the Pyramid and can use that to approximate the location with good accuracy. If the shadow does not show, team members should use tactical marker icons or voice comms to communicate to the tank where to stand.

It is also worth noting that in Hard Mode the Final Hurl (Pyramid falling) mechanic does significantly more damage, and will nearly always one-shot any player hit by it once Soa enrages.