Infernal Council



Enrage Timer: 2:05 minutes

The Infernal Council are the fourth boss in the Eternity Vault operation in SWTOR. The encounter is comprised as a series of 1v1 battles between each team member and one member of the Infernal Council.

The operations team must assigned each member to duel a Juggernaut, Assassin or Marauder. Once the fight is begun, that member must defeat their opponent with minimal assistance from other team members. If a member engages another enemy before defeating their opponent, they will be unable to do further damage/healing.

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Key Mechanics


This entity is trapped in a stasis prison.

Debuff applied to each Infernal Council member while suspended in stasis. While under these effects, bosses are classified as friendly (green) NPCs and cannot be damaged or aggro to the players. Effect is removed upon clicking the central console in the room, which changes the Infernal Council to neutral (yellow) NPCs that will not automatically aggro and attack players until one of them is attacked by the team.

Duel of the Fates

You are engaged in a Duel of Fates! Outside interference will lead to a penalty of destiny!

Debuff applied on the player and member of the Infernal Council when entering combat. It has no duration and stays in effect on the player so long as the boss they engaged is still alive. Damaging another boss or healing another player while either the player or their target has this debuff will apply the Duel of the Fates debuff.

Penalty of Destiny

You have attempted to assist someone else in their duel of fates. As a result you have incurred the penalty of destiny. Outgoing damage and healing reduced by 100%.

60s debuff applied when a player attacks/heals someone else under the effects of the Duel of the Fates debuff, or if they themselves are under the effects of the debuff. Reduces outgoing damage / healing to 0. The debuff is refreshed if the player attacks/heals someone else again, but otherwise expires in 60s.


Juggernaut's damage is melting his opponents' armor!

Debuff applied by Juggernauts to their opponents. Each attack applies 1 stack in Story Mode (2 in Hard Mode) and reduces armor by 10% per stack. Debuff lasts 60s.

Foul Wound (MARAUDER)

Reduces healing effects by 75%

Debuff applied by Marauders that reduces healing receive by 75% for 60s. This debuff has negligible impact since any outside healing effects would tick once then trigger the Duel of the Fates penalty.


Taking periodic damage.

DoT effect that lasts for 5s and ticks once per second. Refreshed by attacks by Marauders.

Rapid Attack (ASSASSIN)

Preparing to deal heavy damage.

Assassin 3s cast ability that deals heavy damage if not interrupted.


Dealing 200% increased damage.

Enrage effect applied when the team fails to defeat the Infernal Council in time. Increases damage three-fold. Fortunately, if the team can kite any enraged boss(es) successfully for around 20-30s, the encounter will automatically reset. Thus, the fight can be successfully reset without everyone dying.



The objective of the encounter is to defeat the Infernal Council in a series of 1v1 duels. Every team member should be assigned to a boss of an appropriate class and defeat them. No one can damage another boss or heal/buff another player, as doing so applies the Penalty of Destiny 60s debuff that prevents them to damaging their boss or healing themselves. The key to success is avoiding players getting the Penalty of Destiny debuff prior to winning their solo duel.

Group Composition

Group Composition for this fight can be any composition. The traditional format will involve 2 tanks, 2 healers and 4 DPS for 8m and 2 tanks, 4 healers, and 10 DPS for 16m. However, nearly any group composition can be successful. DPS are able to defeat any of the Infernal Council members, and are the easiest choice to kill Assassins, so even an all-DPS composition should be successful.

Pre-Fight Preparation

Assign each player to an Infernal Council member. The traditional assignment is Tanks take Juggernauts, Healers take Assassins, and DPS take Marauders. Alternate assignments work, though generally I would not recommend putting Tanks or Healers on non-traditional assignments unless they can swap disciplines to a DPS role for that fight. DPS can handle any Infernal Council member.

Make sure all players understand how the Duel of the Fates / Penalty of Destiny debuff works. No player can help another player in their duel in ANY WAY. No attacking another person's boss, no debuffing another boss, no buffing another player, no healing other players, no raid buffs, no guards, etc.

Make sure all players click off guards, HoTs, shields, probes, etc. I also strongly recommend double of triple checking that any Sentinel / Marauder players are either not Watchman / Annihilation discipline or that they are extremely clear that they cannot hit Zen / Berserk during the fight as the group-wide heals can trigger Penalty of Destiny and force a reset. Also remind them not to use Dual Saber Throw / Twin Saber Throw as the conal can hit multiple bosses.

Also make sure to let any Scoundrel / Operatives and Shadow / Assassins knows that combat stealth should not be utilized during the fight under any circumstances. This affects Infiltration / Deception and Ruffian / Lethality disciplines since both use their combat stealth rotationally, which they should not do during this fight.

Lastly, remind healers to avoid healing abilities with AoE or multi-target effects. This is fairly easy for traditional AoE heals like Salvation / Revivification, Kolto Waves, or Kolto Bomb / Kolto Missile. However, Sage / Sorcerers should avoid Wandering Mend / Roaming Mend and Commando / Mercenaries should avoid Successive Treatment / Progressive Scan as those will heal multiple players and trigger Penalty of Destiny.

Strategy Key Points

In the simplest sense, the overall strategy for this fight has the following key points:

  1. Only fight your individual boss. As noted above, each player must avoid affecting any other player/boss with an ability, as doing so will trigger Penalty of Destiny and prevent them from dealing damage or self-healing. Keep your boss isolated away from other fights (I prefer tucking into a corner or alcove) and attack. Feel free to use defensive abilities, interrupts and self-heals, anything that only affects you or your target and NO ONE ELSE is fair game.

  2. Do not use AoE attacks/heals. Any AoE or conal attacks/heals that affect anyone else will trigger Penalty of Destiny.

  3. (Assassin only) Interrupt Rapid Attack. Those dueling Assassins should interrupt Rapid Attack if possible. It will deal heavy damage after the cast if not interrupted. It is used frequently and cannot always be interrupted. Using a defensive or preparing a self-heal is helpful for any casts that cannot be interrupted. Classes with reflect abilities / utilities can reflect the damage and can kill the Assassin very quickly using this method.

  4. When your boss is dead, you can use ONE ATTACK to help someone else. The Penalty of Destiny debuff is applied AFTER one DPS / healing ability, so that one-ability window can be used to deal damage after your duel opponent is down. I suggest scanning the room to find the boss with the highest remaining health and target them to help that player out.

Detailed Strategy

N/A, this fight is very straight forward so no additional details are necessary.

Role Discussion


Tanks should ordinarily handle Juggernauts, as they have significantly less health than Marauders and do not deal enough damage to require any self-healing. Juggernauts are easy to defeat as they do not deal enough damage to threaten a player's health, so it is simply a matter of dealing damage.


Healers should ordinarily take Assassins. These are the only semi-dangerous bosses as their Rapid Attack ability deals relatively high damage (particularly in Hard Mode). Healers should interrupt the Rapid Attack ability whenever possible or use a defensive. Self healing is typically required when killing Assassins.

Reflect abilities are very strong at killing Assassins as they reflect the damage from Rapid Attack.

If any healers have difficulty with this encounter, swapping disciplines to DPS is also viable. Assassins have the lowest health, so can almost always be killed before they can deal enough damage to threaten the player when in DPS discipline.


DPS should ordinarily take Marauders and should also be the ones chosen to take any extra Juggernauts or Assassins. Marauders deal relatively low damage so are typically easy to kill.

Hard Mode Strategy

There are no changes in Hard Mode. The bosses deal slightly more damage but not noticeably so. Assassins are moderately more difficult for healers in Hard Mode due to the greater damage from Rapid Attack.