Combat Styles

Combat Style links are to 7.0 guides. Discipline links are to 6.x guides except as otherwise noted.

Combat Style Overview


Trained in advanced assault tactics and weaponry, Commandos charge battlefields with massive blaster cannons, overwhelming their enemies with brute firepower. Whether taking out an enemy bunker with focused fire or driving back an Imperial charge with a hail of concussive bolts, the Commando’s high-powered hardware dominates the scene, laying waste to all unfortunates who fall within its range. Many of the Republic’s greatest military victories can be credited to the decisive actions of a Commando in the field.

The Commando mirror is the Mercenary.

Commandos are a tech-based ranged class that wields an assault cannon and wears heavy armor. In the off-hand slot, Commandos equip a focus.

Available Disciplines

  • Assault Specialist - Using the chaos of the battlefield to their advantage is the Assault Specialist Commando’s forte. Loaded to the brim with incendiary ordnance and perforating bolts, the Assault Specialist’s volleys and explosion add to the pandemonium - causing massive damage to their enemies all the while.

  • Combat Medic - Just behind the front line, the Combat Medic Commando uses medical know-how and an array of tools to keep their allies in pristine fighting shape. Damage monitoring equipment and advanced kolto delivery systems allow the Combat Medic to maintain the offense’s forward momentum.

  • Gunnery - The Gunnery Commando specializes in ranged cannon attacks, employing long-range weapons to demolish anyone unlucky enough to be in their sights. Devastating blaster round combinations and relentless assault cannon volleys generate a spectacle of explosive brilliance and transform the Commando into a virtual blaster storm.


Master of the trick shot, the first to dive for cover and willing to take advantage of every opportunity, the Gunslinger and his dual blasters are the perfect team. The Gunslinger can shoot out a man's legs to keep him from charging, blind him so he can't get to his weapons or inflict serious injuries for maximum distraction. There's a right target for ending every disagreement and the Gunslinger knows them like the inside of his ship.

The Gunslinger mirror is the Sniper.

Gunslingers are a tech-based ranged class that wields dual blaster pistols and wears medium armor. In the off-hand slot, Gunslingers equip a blaster pistol.

Available Disciplines

  • Dirty Fighting - As a smuggler who finds nothing honorable about losing in a scrap, the Dirty Fighting Gunslinger doesn’t pull punches. Lobbed bombs and cheap shots are just a sampling of the Dirty Fighting Gunslinger’s bag of cruel tricks that can cause their target untold continuous suffering while the Gunslinger stands back with a satisfied smile.

  • Saboteur - One of the perks of being a Smuggler is access to all the latest tools of any trade - including the many high-tech charges and grenades in the Saboteur Gunslinger’s arsenal. Able to wreak havoc on their intended target from a safe distance, the Saboteur is a crafty, resourceful and incendiary master of mayhem.

  • Sharpshooter - Armed with the steely fortitude required to set up the perfect shot, the Sharpshooter is the Gunslinger at its most devious. Aiming from a distant cover, the Sharpshooter goes for a devastating opening salvo, following up with vicious trick shots and penetrating rounds, putting a definitive end to the fight they started.


If the best defense is a good offense, the Mercenary’s got the most intimidating defense in the galaxy. Heavily-modded blasters and deadly heatseeking missiles make the Mercenary a mobile heavy weapons platform. There’s no problem extra firepower can’t solve, and no one who knows what he’s doing gets between a Mercenary and his target.

The Mercenary mirror is the Commando.

Mercenaries are a tech-based ranged class that wields dual blaster pistols and wears heavy armor. In the off-hand slot, Mercenaries equip a blaster pistol.

Available Disciplines

  • Arsenal - The Arsenal Mercenary specializes in distance attacks, employing long-range weapons to demolish anyone unlucky enough to be in their sights. Devastating missile-fire combinations and relentless blaster volleys generate a spectacle of explosive brilliance and transform the Bounty Hunter into a virtual artillery platform.

  • Bodyguard - The Bodyguard Mercenary specializes in personal-security services, positioning themselves as the best protection credits can buy. A varied array of kolto disbursement instruments provide the Bodyguard’s targets with protective shells and time-release infusions, offering safe haven in even the most hostile environments.

  • Innovative Ordnance - Taking advantage of chaos they’ve created is what the Innovative Ordnance Mercenary is all about. With an arsenal of explosive and piercing munitions, the I.O. Merc’s barrages of missiles, grenades and weapon blasts cause lasting, destructive damage to all their enemies.


Combining the expertise of multiple disciplines, Operatives adapt to any environment and any circumstance to ensure the Empire’s agenda is achieved. Whether emerging from stealth to ambush and eliminate enemies in close-range combat or using advanced medical technologies to keep colleagues in the fight, the Operative is able to identify the needs of any situation and react accordingly.

The Operative mirror is the Scoundrel.

Operatives are a tech-based melee class that wields a blaster rifle and wears medium armor. In the off-hand slot, Operatives equip a vibroblade.

Available Disciplines

  • Concealment - Striking from the shadows, the Concealment Operative surprises the enemy with a flurry of calculated attacks designed to stun and debilitate. Then, before the fight gets out of hand, the Concealment Operative can return to a position of stealth, biding their time until the time to strike reveals itself again.

  • Lethality - The Lethality Operative firmly believes the one true gift that keeps on giving is poison. Dispensing potent toxins using a variety of methods, the Lethality Operative’s attacks take a toll over time, corroding the enemy from within until all that’s left is a withered husk that only thinks it still has a chance.

  • Medicine - As an accomplished practitioner of the medical arts, the Medicine Operative serves as the preservative backbone of any combat team. Deploying a full complement of sophisticated gadgets to dispense healing kolto and reparative nanotech clouds to one or more targets, the Medicine Operative ensures their allies remain fit for fighting.


A Powertech wears heavy plating like a second skin and never balks at taking on the newest prototype technology if it means greater protection and upgraded safeguards. The best in armor shielding, smart defensive tactics and high-powered flamethrowers combine to make the Powertech an impenetrable one-man blockade, from which few enemies escape unscathed.

The Powertech mirror is the Vanguard.

Powertechs are a tech-based melee class that wields a blaster pistol and wears heavy armor. In the off-hand slot, Powertechs equip a shield or a focus.

Available Disciplines

  • Advanced Prototype - When stalking dangerous prey, a selection of powerful, high-tech armaments can be a hunter’s best friend. The Advanced Prototype Powertech’s thermal detonators, gauntlet blades and magnetized bracers devastate their intended target while ensuring the Powertech remains on the bleeding edge of any engagement.

  • Pyrotech - Need a light? The Pyrotech-style Powertech adds fuel to any firefight with an abundance of vivid, searing flame attacks. From fistfuls of fire to missiles loaded with highly combustible compounds, the Pyrotech’s arsenal allows them to never back down while making sure their enemy burns out in a blaze of destruction.

  • Shield Tech - Launching into the fray with a jetpack-propelled attack and able to withstand powerful offenses, the Powertech trained in the Shield Tech specification takes the brunt of the assault while employing a wide range of tech-based attacks to scorch and trip up even the most formidable adversaries.


The Scoundrel doesn't have time for politeness or a fair fight. In addition to his trusty blaster the Scoundrel packs a stealth belt, a scattergun and a med pack--everything he needs to get in, knock the enemy for a loop and get out alive. Being invisible works best, but even when Sith fly through the air waving Lightsabers all they get to do is look surprised as the Scoundrel's scattergun sends them back the way they came. The Scoundrel always shoots first.

The Scoundrel mirror is the Operative.

Scoundrels are a tech-based melee class that wields a blaster pistol and wears medium armor. In the off-hand slot, Scoundrels equip a shotgun.

Available Disciplines

  • Ruffian - Never shy about taking advantage of any opportunity, the Ruffian is a rough-and-tumble Scoundrel able to handle any fight, big or small. Inciting chaos with a shrapnel bomb and then coming in close for a shot at point-blank range, the Ruffian Scoundrel makes devious moves that keep their enemies reeling.

  • Sawbones - As an Underworld figure armed with the latest advances in medical technology, the Sawbones Scoundrel is a crucial ally. From healing a single target to many at once, distributing emergency medpacs and clouds of healing kolto, the Sawbones ensures that their crew will endure throughout the heat of battle.

  • Scrapper - Holding no punches, the Scrapper Scoundrel never backs down from a fight - so long as said fight is on their terms. Able to hide from the fray, the Scrapper can sucker punch and bludgeon their adversary, ducking back out before things get too hairy and biding their time until the moment is right to scrap once more.


Focused on covert tactics and eliminating sensitive targets, Imperial Snipers are the most elite and professional sharpshooters in the galaxy. After extensive training, the Sniper’s long range blaster rifle becomes a weapon of exacting precision, allowing him to target enemies’ vulnerabilities and strike at the perfect moment to turn the tide of battle.

The Sniper mirror is the Gunslinger.

Snipers are a tech-based ranged class that wields a sniper rifle and wears medium armor. In the off-hand slot, Snipers equip a vibroblade.

Available Disciplines

  • Engineering - Technology - and its application in deploying advanced weaponry - sets the Engineering Sniper apart from the rest. A variety of probes at their disposal allows the Engineering Sniper to attack from a distance with explosions, electrical jolts and waves of destructive plasma designed to eliminate any target.

  • Marksmanship - One perfect shot has the potential to change everything, and no one is more precise than the Marksmanship Sniper. From the safety of cover, the Marksmanship Sniper ambushes the enemy and follows up with an encore of penetrating blasts that make extra sure the Sniper’s job is done.

  • Virulence - Some Agents prefer a less direct method of eliminating a target, such as administering poison. Lethal toxins and all-consuming microbes are the domain of the walking biohazard known as the Virulence Sniper, who inflicts lethal shots and lobs corrosive grenades from a safe distance where they can witness the results of their handiwork.


Unstoppable and utterly fearless, Vanguards wade into battle wearing advanced heavy armor. They are the first and best line of defense in the Republic military. These steadfast soldiers ignore personal risk, deliberately stepping into the line of fire to divert danger from allies and innocents.Though their tactical role is inherently dangerous, Vanguards have an uncanny survivability due to their expert defensive tactics and the advanced technology at their disposal.

The Vanguard mirror is the Powertech.

Vanguards are a tech-based melee class that wields a blaster rifle and wears heavy armor. In the off-hand slot, Vanguards equip a shield or a focus.

Available Disciplines

  • Plasmatech - Vanguards adamant on burning their way through hostile forces can do so effectively with the latest in weaponized plasma technology. The Plasmatech Vanguard stands their own, striking their enemy with waves and rounds of raw incendiary power that persist in their searing destruction.

  • Shield Specialist - Storming to the front line with a powerful charge, the Shield Specialist boldly takes the brunt of the attack while employing a wide range of tech-based attacks to gas, blast and jolt their enemies into oblivion.

  • Tactics - The Tactics Vanguard is a pro at executing a focused line of attack on a hostile target with great efficiency. From up-close vibroblades in the gut to deadly charges of explosive plastique thrown from a distance, all manner of effective strategies for eliminating enemies are at the Tactics Vanguard’s disposal.