Discipline Guides

Advanced Class Set Bonuses

Death Knell

Increased drop rate from conquest crates.

(2) +2% Mastery

(4) The cooldown of Force Potency is reduced by 15 seconds. Whenever you consume a charge of Force Potency you gain a stack of Potent Critical, making your next Shadow Strike, Spinning Strike or Serenity Strike critically hit. Stacks up to 3 times.

(6) Whenever you consume a charge of Force Potency you gain a stack of Audacious Potency, increasing melee damage done by 10% for 30 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Comments: BIS for all Shadow DPS and particularly powerful for Infiltration, as the 4-piece CD reduction enables Force Cloak to instantly reset the CD of Force Potency. The critical buff and 6-piece set bonus are really strong for both specs and provide a high uptime of a 10-30% melee damage buff. The set is also a viable option for "DPS tank" sets due to the relatively weak tank set bonus options.

Saber Master

Increased drop rate from conquest crates.

(2) +2% Endurance

(4) Reduces the cooldown of Battle Readiness by 20 seconds.

(6) Killing an enemy during Battle Readiness refreshes the duration of Battle Readiness. Can occur up to 5 times during one Battle Readiness.

Comments: A useful tank set bonus for operations and especially for flashpoints. The set overall is not very strong compared to options for other classes, so entertaining the use of a DPS set to increase tank DPS is reasonable.

Efficient Termination

Increased drop rate from conquest crates.

(2) +2% Endurance

(4) Spinning Kick's stun and slow effects last for an additional second.

(6) Using Spinning Kick grants you 10% damage reduction for 6 seconds.

Comments: This set has viability as a tank set bonus due to the 6-piece bonus and 10% DR. It has more frequent availability than the Saber Master set but a short duration. Given the class has a plethora of defensive cooldowns, it is a very interesting option to give a semi-frequent small defensive buff for any damage abilities that don't merit a cooldown. Usually preferred for operations content in higher difficulties and during progression.

Murderous Revelation

Increased drop rate from PVP.

(2) +2% Mastery

(4) Battle Readiness and Force Cloak reset the cooldown of Shadow Stride.

(6) Using Shadow Stride from stealth grants Shadowcraft, increasing your critical hit chance by 100% for 6 seconds.

Comments: For Infiltration, could have situational use to dramatically increase burst capability for fights with hard short duration DPS checks or in PVP. The 4-piece alone could change the opener from 3 Force Breach to 5.

Rebuking Assault

Increased drop rate from Dxun Nature of Progress operation. Cannot be purchased from Tech vendor.

(2) +2% Endurance

(4) Each target hit by Cleaving Cut grants 1% Damage Reduction for 10 seconds.

(6) Each target hit by Cleaving Cut extends Deflection's duration by 1 second.

Comments: Very limited situational use for adds. Could be highly useful for players who primarily run FPs rather than Ops.

Shadow Purger

Increased drop rate from operations.

(2) +2% Endurance

(4) Cleaving Cut immobilizes the target for 2 seconds.

(6) Using Cleaving Cut while under Resilience lowers the targets accuracy and extends the duration of Resilience by 2 seconds.

Comments: May be useful in PVP for extended immobilization (enabling free DPS while behind the enemy player) and the 6-piece provides a nice but very short buff to mitigating white damage (via reduced accuracy) and yellow damage (via the Resilience duration extension).

Ballast Point

Increased drop rate from The Nature of Progress Operation on Master Mode Difficulty, and has a small chance from Unidentified items on the Spoils of War vendors.

(2) +2% Endurance

(4) Deflection grants ballistic immunity for 6 seconds, giving you immunity to movement impairing effects, knockdowns, and physics.

(6) Increases elemental, internal, kinetic and energy damage reduction by 3%.

Comments: This set bonus was added in 6.1.2 with MM Dxun. The 4-piece is interesting if it provides immunity to mechanics for which Force Speed (with utility) cannot. An example would be aberrations on the HM Revan encounter. The 6 piece is helpful extra DR but is relatively small. This set bonus is borderline useful and a simpler alternative to Efficient Termination but due to the difficulty in obtaining it via MM operations it seems unlikely to be that useful.

Advanced Class Tacticals

Chant of Regeneration

Increased drop rate from conquest crates.

Force Potency increases your Force regeneration greatly for a short time.

Comments: All 3 disciplines can occasionally be resource constrained and forced to use a basic attack, so higher energy regeneration can be helpful. That said, the incremental DPS is very low and provides no survivability or utility benefit. This should be a tactical of last resort and never taken.

Friend of the Force

Increased drop rate from Onderon and Mek-sha daily missions.

Resilience also applies to any ally you are guarding.

Comments: Friend of the Force is a really cool tactical that has niche use but in situations where it is helpful it can be really helpful. For fights where another tank or a non-tank takes predictable very high Force/Tech damage, the player can Resilience to mitigate the hit. It can also be used to provide a combined self + guarded player cleanse for mechanics like Death Mark on Dread Council or Contagion on Apex Vanguard.

Jerra's Persistence

Crafted by Armstech.

Shadow Stride gains 2 charges.

Comments: Could have situational use in PVP and has some interesting synergy for Deception with the Murderous Revelation set bonus to provide some truly awesome opening burst DPS potential.


Increased drop rate from PVP.

Shadow Strike and Low Slash inflict trauma for 15 seconds, reducing all healing the target receives by 20%.

Comments: I do not think most PVP players would prefer this tactical over other options like Two Cloaks in particular or even Jerra's Persistence for Deception. However, a 20% heal debuff could be very useful in PVP when trying to burn down a skilled tank/healer pair.

Two Cloaks

Increased drop rate from PVP.

Force Cloak has 2 charges.

Comments: Some Infiltration players ilke to use this tactical in the opener to get an extra use of Force Potency. When they use the second cloak, they hot-swap with another tactical for the remainder of the encounter.