Discipline Guides

Please note the links below are currently to 6.x class guides. Updated guides are in progress.

Combat Style Legendary Implants

Legendary Implants can be purchased and upgraded on the fleet in the Supplies section. A player can equip two implants and so can equip up to two Legendary Implant bonuses.

Squad Lead Package

Whenever you take damage with Reactive Shield, a weaker shield is applied to nearby allies for 3 seconds. Package contains Absorption Rating.

Comments: The Squad Lead Package is a one of two defensive implant options that contain defensive tertiary stats. The buff is very underwhelming where the AoE damage reduction for friendly players is useful in some circumstances but worthless in others. I recommend it primarily for the mitigation stats and its situational benefits but really wish we had a third option. Thankfully Supercommando is so good that it more than makes up for Squad Lead...

Mandalorian Armaments Package

When Shoulder Cannon is put on cooldown, it applies Autocannon to you for 60 seconds, firing a rocket at your current target whenever you deal direct damage. This additional rocket can fire once every 10 seconds. Package contains Critical Rating.

Comments: Mandalorian Armaments is a decent offensive option and my second recommendation for damage disciplines after Shock Trooper. Mandalorian Armaments is superior to Veteran Ranger because it does not contain RNG and should nearly always trigger more rockets even though they will not all fall inside burst windows.

Shock Trooper Package

Shockstrike and Stockstrike's energy cost is reduced by 4. Shockstrike, Tactical Surge and Energy Blast increase damage dealt by 10% for 15 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. Package contains Alacrity Rating.

Comments: Shock Trooper provides part of the benefits from the 6.0 Meteor Brawler set bonus, though sadly no Ionfall. The existing benefits are still good however. The energy cost reduction on a key ability is helpful but the main benefit is the 10% damage buff that should be up half the time. All damage disciplines should take Shock Trooper and it is a solid option along with Specialist Package for tanks seeking offensive gearing options, although Shock Trooper containing Alacrity Rating is probably inconvenient based on preliminary tank gearing analysis.

Specialist Package

Battle Focus increases damage done by 20% while Ion Cell is being utilized and increases damage reduction by 10% while Ion Cell is not being utilized. Package contains Critical Rating.

Comments: Specialist Package is a great offensive option for Shield Specialist Vanguards due to its synergy with the Superheated Fuel tactical to make Battle Focus windows very powerful. It also helps that the Specialist Package contains Critical Rating which makes it more viable for offensive purposes compared to Alacrity Rating that might be wasted if not gearing up to a lower GCD.

I do not recommend Specialist Package for damage disciplines. I know every one lost defensive cooldowns but this is not the way to get one and 10% damage reduction is not meaningful anyway for damage players.

Supercommando Package

Activating Durasteel Armor, Infused Kolto Packs, or Balmorran Advanced Weaponry grants a shield that absorbs a massive amount of damage. Lasts up to 3 seconds. Package contains Shield Rating.

Comments: Supercommando is amazing and by FAR the best tank legendary in the game. Always take this. Period.

Veteran Ranger Package

Each Shoulder Cannon rocket has a 50% chance to trigger an additional rocket. Package contains Alacrity Rating.

Comments: Veteran Ranger is a pretty weak option for Powertechs and especially for Shield Specialist and Plasmatech. They get 4 rockets so will get 0-4 additional rockets and should average 2 more for 6 total rockets most of the time. Tactics gets 7 rockets so should average 3.5 additional rockets per Shoulder Cannon window. This leads to an increase in damage that is relatively low but is concentrated inside burst windows with raid buffs, adrenals and Battle Focus.

Shock Trooper is clearly the best damage Legendary so the question becomes whether Veteran Ranger is better than the rest to take the second spot for damage disciplines. Specialist Package is terrible for damage disciplines since it only buffs damage reduction. Supercommando and Squad Leader are only relevant to tanks. That leaves the choice to either Veteran Ranger or Mandalorian Armaments.

Per above, Mandalorian Armaments has no RNG and will consistently trigger 6 rockets over a 1 minute window whereas Veteran Ranger will trigger 0-4 rockets for Shield Specialist and Plasmatech and 0-7 rockets for Tactics. Even in the best case Mandalorian Armaments will always trigger more rockets for Shield Specialist and Plasmatech and will only trigger fewer rockets for Advanced Prototype if it procs for every rocket. On average the player taking Mandalorian Armaments will get 4 more rockets for Shield Specialist and Plasmatech and 2.5 more rockets for Tactics. The counter argument is that Veteran Ranger lets players concentrate the extra rockets inside Battle Focus windows and thus the rockets deal significantly more damage. I agree this is true but feel that on average that buff is unlikely to offset the number of rockets unless you can count on better-than-average RNG.

To wrap up, I do not recommend Veteran Ranger because I dislike RNG and because it will usually deal less total damage compared to Mandalorian Armaments and is more likely to do far less damage than it is to do slightly more if you get lucky.

Combat Style Tacticals

Unless otherwise noted, all tacticals can be purchased on the fleet in the Supplies area for 3,000 Tech Fragments and 1,000,000 credits. They may also be available from Kai Zykken in his rotating inventory for 2,000 Tech Fragments and 1,000,000 credits.

Flying Fists

Stockstrike and Shockstrike now have a range of 10m.

Comments: Very very situational, could have limited use on fights with lots of melee damage or conals.

Neural Trigger

Crafted by Cybertech.

Dealing damage to an enemy affected by your Neural Jolt stuns them for 2 seconds and ends the taunt.

Comments: This tactical could have some niche use in PVP as it would provide a short 2s stun on a very very short cooldown based on your taunt. The advanced class already has lots of control abilities so this could be very useful.

Sonic Heal

Sonic Round heals all allies around its target.

Comments: The idea to use your AoE taunt / threat drop to also provide a group heal sounds neat. That said, it just isn't available often enough to provide any meaningful benefit.